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What Goes With Black Jeans Mens Style Guide

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What Goes With Black Jeans Mens Style Guide

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Black jeans are a classic staple that every gent should have in his wardrobe. Highly versatile, these simple and comfortable pants can be worn for many occasions in countless different ways. Whether dressed up for an evening event or dressed down for a casual weekend look, black jeans always look great. Not only because they’re simple to wear, but also because they project an effortlessly cool vibe, these pants are an essential item for every man. As such, it’s also necessary to know how to wear them.

What Looks Good With Black Jeans

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It can be hard to go wrong when creating an outfit with black jeans. Thanks to their versatility and neutral colour, they can look good with just about anything in your wardrobe. As such, you’re less restricted when creating an outfit and can tailor it to your personal style. Whether you like an athleisure look, you are a little grunge, have a hipster vibe or are a bohemian bloke, you’ll be able to work black jeans into your wardrobe for a cool style.

Shirts To Wear With Jeans

If you’ve only been pairing your black jeans with T-shirts, then you’ve been missing out on a whole world of outfit opportunities. Not only is a button-up shirt an item that you already have on hand, but it’s one that works immensely well with a pair of black jeans. The combination, which dresses the jeans up and the shirt down, creates a great balance that is perfect for smart casual looks. Although the pair is ideal for an elegant yet relaxed style, it can also be tailored to different looks depending on your style. While plain shirts will elevate your black jeans, printed ones will have a different effect. For example, floral and paisley prints will add a bohemian touch while plaid flannel shirts will create a rocker feel.

Black Jeans And Black Shirt

Like black jeans, a black shirt is also versatile. When worn alone with nice black jeans, a plain black shirt can create quite a sophisticated appearance thanks to its sharp and clean aesthetic. However, that look can quickly become edgy and bold with just a few changes. Whether it’s a print on the shirt, rips in the denim, a dark jacket, or unique accessories, a black shirt and black jeans combination can easily become dramatic. To nail the pair, pick the look you prefer and go from there. Also, be aware that the shoes you wear will have an impact on whether your outfit is polished or a little more rock and roll.

Black Jeans And White Shirt

Thanks to their clean aesthetics and contrasting tones, black jeans and a white shirt make an excellent pair. The colour combination also provides a traditional touch and is ideal for smart casual occasions. If you like a polished aesthetic, you can wear this look with an oxford shirt and slim-leg jeans. Finish your outfit with loafers and a tailored jacket, blazer or a coat. If you prefer a casual and minimal look, on the other hand, opt for a short-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans. Then, add casual accessories like sneakers and a cap.

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