Wear A Hat: The Ultimate Guide For Men


In the old ages, men used to wear a Hat as necessities. They would not leave the house without a hat. But with the new fashion trends, hats have lost their value. It is a mere accessory then need. Earlier an outfit was considered incomplete without wearing a hat. And now, with fashion trends, people forget hats and their value.

Wear A Hat: The Ultimate Guide For Men
Wear A Hat: The Ultimate Guide For Men

Just like any other fashion garments, there are various types of hats that ba sorted as per the occasion, season, and dress code matching. There are simple fashion guides available for men, to teach them what and which Hat to wear in the current season and what is the hat etiquette.

Reasons to wear Hat

Wear A Hat: The Ultimate Guide For Men
Wear A Hat: The Ultimate Guide For Men

It is fashionable-

Back in the 50s and 60s wearing Hat was more like essential than fashion. But with changing times, hats have become a fashion accessory. Men wearing hats are more fashionable and look trendy. There is gorgeous Hat available in the market which will make you look stylish and different from the crowd. Be confident while you are wearing Hat.

It is functional-

Being stylish and fashionable, hats are so functional. It keeps your head covered in summer and winter. You can keep your face away from sunlight in the daytime. While you can prevent your head exposed to chilled winds in the night.

It says Hat you are gentlemen-

Have you ever wondered why most of the uniforms have Hat as their part of the code? Covering your head and maintaining a dress code speaks that you are a gentleman with discipline and integrity.

The ultimate guide to wearing a Hat

There is some gentlemen’s etiquette that you should follow while wearing Hat. Although the rules are not stickler in modern times, it is good that you should know when you are wearing a hat.

Remove Hat only Indoors

It is a known the fact that man has to wear a Hat outdoors and should remove it when he is home. Although he can remove Hat when he is in a hotel having lunch with the company. But apart from that, wearing Hat is a matter of confidence and pride.

Tipping the Hat

The most functional way fo wearing Hat is to tilt to the others to acknowledge their presence and way to say “hi.” It was common practice to tip the Hat to apologize or greet someone with tipping hat. Men often tip their Hat, while saying goodbye to the lady.

Wear your Hat right

This is not a rule but a tip to wear Hat in the right way. Buy a hat that fits you and looks good on most of your outfit. You should wear Hat with confidence, which makes your face look right.

While shopping for Hats, you must understand that there are a wide variety of hats in the market. You must buy Hat with quality fabric, excellent fit, and proper colors. You must also check the shape of the Hat, as suits your face type and outfit. The quality of the build of the hats should be wearable and durable.

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