Fading Beard Style

Meta-description: The fading beard pattern involves a variety of styles that blend perfectly to fit any and every face shape. So, regardless of your beard size, this article has something for you.

It is no secret that the modern man considers a well-groomed beard a must-have as the appeal of a tidy beard can never be over-emphasized.

Making decisions about a fitting pattern for your beard can seem difficult. However, the fading beard style is one that you can never go wrong with.

This style blends perfectly into your face and there are varieties to fit any and every face shape. Here are some top fading beard patterns for men of style.

1. The Stylish Full-Bearded Fade

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This is best suited for men with thick beards who want a style that keeps them from looking unkempt.

For this type, you should gently smoothen the beard into the hair so the thickness or length would not be disturbed. It is highly advised you show your barber a picture for better accuracy.

Maintenance: Maintaining this style requires a little bit of touch up each time you want to step out. A beard oil, brush, and hairdryer are highly important and should be used diligently to ensure the beard stays healthy and straightened.

2. The Standard Mid-Length Cut

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This style as the name suggests will be fitting if your beards are mid-length. If your beard is of this type and not properly cared for, it may look scruffy because of the absence of a good shape.

Creating this pattern for beards of this length ensures that the beard is faded along the clean edges into your hair.

Avoiding hard lines while working the shape of the beard into your hair is key to achieving a perfect result.

Maintenance: The best way to maintain this style is by trimming. You should do this regularly because the style tends to lose its shape more frequently.

However, you should be careful while trimming to avoid damaging the style accidentally.

3. The Timeless Trim.

Growing a full or mid-length beard isn’t for everyone. Either by choice or genetics, some men only grow a short beard which is well suited for the short fade.

This style not only keeps your beard short and cropped, but it also ensures it stays neat by blending it to a stubble.

You can achieve this by blending from the bottom of your ear while making sure there is enough hair to maintain a good line up.

Maintenance: Due to its short nature, you would need more work to maintain this style compared to the others.

You can use a beard trimmer or razor to help maintain a clean style around the neckline and the cheeks. Also, a regular visit to your barber would help a lot.


The fading beard style is quite becoming very popular and is already garnering praise as the coolest style.

If you grow a beard and intend to adopt this style, it would be best to let a professional barber handle the grooming.

Do not forget to get the tools you would need to help your beard reach its maximum potential.

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