This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime -

This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime

This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime

Owning The Rugged Bros beard brush will make you stand out among the throng of bearded men everywhere. How? Let me tell you.

This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime
This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime

The Rugged Bros beard brush is without a doubt a must-have for all bearded men out there. The makers know that growing awesome facial hair is a commitment. And they know that men who take it very seriously need the best tools at their disposal. They understand what you need because they are passionate about beards too.

Top Quality Materials

They know that cheap materials do not deserve to touch your precious beard. This is why the created a brush made with 100% Pure Boar Bristle. Only boar bristles are sturdy enough to do a fine job in taming your beard without doing it any damage. Aside from that, this type of bristle won’t cause any itching or irritation on the sensitive skin below your facial hair. Lastly, all their brush handles are also made with wood and horn. You can that passion and care that went in creating these brushes when you feel them.

Functional And Practical

The Rugged Bros knows that it is all about ease when you are applying oil or balm on your beard using a brush. This is why they designed the brush handle to have a tapered curve to fit your hand easily. It is also the perfect size- not too big and not too small. The bristles also have an irregular length and in a slightly curved array to provide maximum contact to your facial hair. This product seriously has it all.

Elegant Design

If you look at a The Rugged Bros beard brush, you know that a lot of thought went it its design. It has a vintage classic aesthetic giving it a craftsman made look to it. This brush is so beautiful that you can put it in your box or even on your shelf with pride.

This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime
This Beard Brush Will Last You A Lifetime

Lasts A Lifetime

The maker of this brush is not interested in selling you a brush every month. What they want is to be a part of your beard journey, Even if that means a lifetime. Their beard brushes are warp resistant and the materials used for it do not degrade. In fact, they even look better as it gets old. So, this is not just an ordinary beard brush. If you take care of it, it can be a tool that you can even pass on to your son if he decides to become a beard guy too.

Custom Made

Every single brush sold by The Rugged Bros is actually made by hand in their workshop in New York. Every bristle and every wood used to create the final product got picked and attached by someone who is passionate about beards. Now, that is a story that you can tell to your friends.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a brush that you can use as you take your beard game seriously, you have already found it. Your search is already over. You can buy this for only $13.95 and you won’t have to buy another brush unless you want to upgrade to another design. And lastly, this is a brush made by people who care deeply about your beard. That seals the deal for me.

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