The Best Long Beard Styles -

The Best Long Beard Styles

The Best Long Beard Styles

Long beards are a trend that has been in place for quite some time. Those men who have long beards display qualities of patience and confidence. It is easy to grow out a beard by merely letting it be wild and free. However, the art of growing a long beard styles is to allow it to grow and style it without it ending up looking messy. The trick for this is to know the style which is best suited to your face. Other factors also lend a hand to beard growth, such as avoiding sugars, exercising regularly, and getting your 8 hours of sleep daily. It is a must to use beard oil and combing your beard daily as well.

Long Beard Styles That Are Trendy Today

Long beard styles rely on other parts of your face other than just your beard, such as your mustache and sideburns. It is essential to have a pair of beard scissors, a beard comb as well as a beard trimmer. These will help you maintain your long beard style. Some of these styles are as follows.

The Boss

The Boss includes faded sideburns­, trimmed on the outside while letting the rest of your beard flow freely (of course, you must comb it and shape it from the neck down every once in a while).

Bold Shaped Beard

The Best Long Beard Styles

The Best Long Beard Styles

Here, your long beard starts straight from your sideburns.­­­ It would help if you allowed your beard to flow, and then trim it from the bottom to give it a squared shape at the bottom. Trim your mustache for a neat look.

The Harden

The Harden long beard style grows from not only the face but also the neck and sides down, giving your beard a fuller look, face-wise. The bottom of the beard must be shaped with a squared edge.

Polished Look

Here, you allow your beard to grow wild and free, but the edges are trimmed, and the parts of the beard edging the neckline and cheek line are trimmed sharply, giving the long beard style a cropped and neat look.

Even Flow

This long beard style allows for a man to show the color transition from the roots of his beard to the ends of it. Even Flow is a long beard style that a lot of older men like to try, as it gives their aging a good look.

The Uniform

The Best Long Beard Styles

The Best Long Beard Styles

While the other long beard styles consisted of the chin beard is longer than that from the cheeks, jaw, and neck, The Uniform long beard style is trimmed in such a way that your beard is consistently at the same length. It looks professional and tidy.


This long beard style is a lumberjack beard style. The Woodsman style consists of narrowly trimmed sideburns, which eventually fade into a uniformly trimmed beard. This gives the beard a wild and free appearance. The mustache is left to grow out well on the sides.

Long Beard Styles: Clear Outline

In the Clear Outline long beard style, you may leave your beard to grow as wild as you wish. However, it would be best if you trimmed the edges well to shape it slightly. This long beard style does not require all that much maintenance, just a slight bit of trimming every one or two days.

Long Beard Styles: Wild And Carefree

Messy and wild are words that seem to go together, but your beard can be wild without being messy. Another long beard style that requires minimal effort to maintain it, the wild and carefree beard, merely involves combing your beard and parting it a little to avoid making it look not very ordered.

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