The Best Hair Wax Hands Down -

The Best Hair Wax Hands Down

American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All

We are going to say it right now. American Crew Fiber makes the best hair wax in the world.

American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All
American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All

The industry of manufacturing hair products for men is on the rise. New brands that sell pomades and waxes are popping up like mushrooms. However, American Crew stands out in the slowly growing crowd. And it is all because they make this really awesome hair wax. Let me tell you all the reasons below.

Let me tell you why this product is so awesome.

It Has High Hold Capacity

The first thing that you are going to look for when buying a hair wax is its effectiveness. Will it hold you unruly hair into place? Will it give me the most control of my hair when styling? All the answer to that question will be a definitive yes when you use American Crew Fiber Wax. This product is basically a fiber-like resin that thickens when applied to the hair. Once applied it increases the volume of the hair and provides a strong hold that makes the hair very pliable. And when the wax sets onto the hair after styling it will keep it that way for a very long period of time.

This Wax Is Easy To Apply

The goal of the makers of this product is hassle-free styling. For you to get the best results all you need to do is to follow a simple three-step process.

1. Apply- rub a small amount of the wax on the palms of your hands. You can spread it evenly before applying to your damp or dry hair.

2. Distribute- spread the wax by rubbing your hands gently on your hair. You have to be thorough during this step and make sure that the strands of your hair get coated with the wax.

3. Style- once the product is evenly distributed in your hair you can then start forming your hair to your desired style. For best results, start styling right away while the wax have not started to dry out yet.

American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All
American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All

A Wax That Adds More Volume With No Shine

The best thing about the American Crew Fiber wax is that it gives your hair a matte finish. Products that gives your hair that unnecessary shine makes it look like plastic. Because of it’s high fiber content it adds more volume to your hair.

American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All
American Crew Fiber: Reasons Why It Rules Them All

It Is Perfect For Any Type Of Hair

This product is for every man out there. There are no exceptions. It does not matter if you have straight thin hair or wavy thick hair. You can easily style your hair to how you like it if you use this product. In addition, it will work even better if you have short hair at about 1-3 inches in length.

You Won’t Need Any Other Wax

If you are into styling your hair based on the trends or even your moods, this is the best product for you. It is because the American Crew Fiber gives you the most control among the other similar products out there. And this is why even professional hairstylists also use it for their clients. Additionally, this product also fits any man’s budget. It is normally sold at $8.49 online which is very ship considering that 1 tub goes a really long way.

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