Stay In Trend With The Latest Korean Mens Fashion

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Korea is one of the most fashionable countries in Asia. With the change in fashion, 2020 is going to be an epic year for Korean mens fashion. This year is ready to set year’s biggest trends in Korea. If you are looking for a New Year outfit or creating a new wardrobe collection, guide yourself with the best Korean styles of 2020. For the best Korean fashion trends, make sure you know the dos and don’ts.


Clothing for exercise has recently become popular among youngsters. The trend of athleisure has been well placed in South Korea where high fashion clothing is paired with casual basketball shorts, joggers, and baseball caps. Athleisure fashion is not only stylish but also comfortable. With this trendy attire, you can go anywhere. You can balance your gym casual pieces with refined clothing styles.

Monochrome Outfits Trending Among Men

This 2020 forget the bold colors. Monochrome styles are in fashion among men. It means wearing clothes in black, white, and grey. From corporate office suits, all-black evening wear to off-duty and easy-going office styles, monochrome formulas work the best for men. Some of the famous monochrome pieces are jeans, leather jacket, white sneakers, sweatshirts, and T-shirts.

Neon In Trend

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Just the opposite of monochrome, Neon is popping up in Korean mens fashion. Neon among men has become a head-turning trend in Korea. Even if you are conservative with colors and trends, you can still experiment with neon shoes, neon tee, or neon jacket.

Love With Logos

 The love for logos is getting bigger and bigger in Korean fashion. Youngsters are going after big names on their tees and accessories. Clothing manufacturers are releasing merchandise in activewear and outwear with logos. Men are looking to flaunt their favorite logos on their T-shirts or jackets to stay in trend.

Oversized Clothes In Korean Mens Fashion

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There was a time when wearing baggy clothes was less of style. The 90s era has come back. For both men and women, oversized clothes are becoming popular. Oversized has now become a statement. With simple patterns, young men look for versatile pieces like oversized fleece sweatshirts or baggy denim jeans. Earlier, men were fond of slim tailoring and wearing skinny fit clothes. But, times have changed.

Ripped Jeans In Korean Mens Fashion

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The distressed denim style is still in Korean Mens Fashion. Men can choose jeans based on their body type, shape, occasion, and style. To add a tinge of style in it, you can choose to wear different types of ripped jeans like vintage ripped jeans, lightly distressed, and shredded jeans. Among the ripped jean styles, paint splatters have also become popular. With ripped jeans, men can wear either sneaker, work boots, or dress boots. Distressed jeans can also be paired with a blazer. The combination of ripped jeans and blazer looks perfect with dress shirts and T-shirts. A classic black blazer looks the best than any other color. You can also opt for a green tuxedo jacket.


Fashion keeps on changing. It’s good to stay trendy and fashionable. Update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends in Korea. Be it for daily use or office-wear, men can look stylish every day with the latest trends and styles.

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