Stand Out In The Crowd With These Beard Styles


The beard is fast becoming one of the most fashionable accessories a man can have. And because of this, countless of new beard styles for men are coming out every year. The styles range from the minimal to the most outrageous.

The newest trend right now is combining the beard styles with a man’s hairstyle. This absolutely makes sense since there is always that possibility that both of them won’t work together.

Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner
Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner

Bald With Full  Beard

Now this is a classic. This is perfect for men with round heads and can pull off a bald head. Having a thick full beard will complement the full shaven hair, giving the man a clean rugged look.

Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner
Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner

Man Bun + Beard

If can grow a perfectly long lock of hair to achieve the man bun style, then this is perfect for you. The best look is if you maintain your beard at a medium length. However, you don’t want your beard to steal the show from your man bun. What you need is for them to complement each other well

Short Hair + Long Beard

This beard style for men is perfect for those who can’t dare to go bald. In addition, a short hair and a beard that flows down your neck is also a great look. To maximize the attractiveness of this style, make sure that the sides of your hair and your beard and well-trimmed. Additionally, it will give it a clean but rugged look which will make women stare at you.

Low Fade + Trimmed Beard

Men with strong facial features are the perfect ones to use this beard style for men. And fades are also pretty popular nowadays. Grow a beard that connects to your sideburn and asks for the barber to give you this look. Having a great set of trimmers is essential if you have this style because it needs some attention to keep it looking sharp.

Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner
Latest Beard Style For Men To Become A Head Turner

Medium Length Hair + Thick Long Beard

This style is all about volume. The beard should reach neck level and the hair should be styled for maximum volume to pull off this style. Men who choose this style should be ready for the attention that it requires. But amidst all that, you will have a look that demands attention from anybody you pass by.

How To Get These Styles

Find a stylist who is aware of the new trends in both haircut and beard styles for men. That is the surest way that he can expertly do the combo for  you. Of course, you can also do it on your if you have the right tools.

How to Take Care of It

If you want to try on these new beard styles for men, you need to make sure that you have some patience in you. Achieving these combo looks will definitely take time and some work.

Use Great Beard Care Products

Once you have achieved them, be sure to invest in great hair and beard products. In addition, choose those products that can help your hair stay in its optimal condition. You can also buy some wax and oils to make them look their best whenever you go out

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