Some of the best Victorian Mens Fashion -

Some of the best Victorian Mens Fashion

victorian mens fashion

The men’s fashion in the Victorian Era was really very authentic and fancy. A well site victorian man always wears tight fitting calf length frock coats and breasted vests. They were work shirts with small collars or buttons or ties. For the bottom they wear practical trousers made from sturdy fabrics like cotton and leather work boots. They always carry accessories like pocket watches, cufflinks, suspenders and monocles. Victorian Men’s clothing is incomplete without hat, smoking pipe and walking cane or black rolled umbrella. 


Mens Fashion

During the Victorian Era, the basic color of the shirts were white. A gentleman can pick up a new shirt affordably. At least six sets of white collars and cuffs were required to last a full year. Cuffs and collars were hard to wash and they were the only parts that really showed. Men also wore patterned and bright shirts with offset white collars and cuffs. In the countryside flannel shirts were in fashion.


Mens Fashion

The length of the coats was mid to low with waist and narrow fitting skirt and slim and standard uniform was a daywear and it was only in dark colors. Sack costs were for casual or social appointments. They are often spotted in varieties of tweed, plaids and checkers. In the late 1880s cutaway became the daywear of gentlemen and businessmen. Tailcoats were for formal functions for good breeding and elegance. But after the debut of Tuxedo Coats they became the style of high societies. It was first seen in an Autumn Ball in 1886.


Waistcoats or vests can be seen in every men’s wardrobe. As shirts were considered as under garments and man cannot be seen bare shirt sleeves so that they needed waistcoats. They were also available in dark colors like coats. But high society men also wear colorful silk, brocade and embroidered vests made from imported fabrics. 


They wear ankle length black trousers with the wide cut at the hips, close fit near the ankle. The trousers had a narrow waistband at the back with a strap and buckle. Their high waisted pants had several varieties of colors and patterns. Narrow stripes and sturdy canvas became more popular in the late Victorian Era.

Hats and Caps

Victorian Men’s fashion is incomplete without a hat. There were most of three varieties of hats like, top hats, gambler hats and bowler hats. Top hat was a formal hat. It was the most ideal hair for a Victorian Era gentleman. Round top bowler hats were worn by country folk, farmers and other communities. Similar in style, the gambler hat was my favourite summer time classic hat.

Walking Cane

Walking cane or stick was the main part of the Victorian clothes. Every gentleman must have to carry a walking cane. It was replaced with swords by society. In the early 80s a license was required to carry the walking stick in London. It was the accessory which helped men to display their class and status. Custom hats and walking canes were the representatives of wealth and power. The standard cane was rattan with a rounded wooden handle.


From the early 17th and late 18th century, this kind of Victorian Men’s Clothing was in fashion. Without a proper tie, hat, shoes, pocket watch and walking cane, an European gentleman was incomplete. After the end of Victoria’s reign and Edward became the king, the men’s fashion took a turn and Edward style became more popular.

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