Some Great Tips To Ace The 60s Men's Fashion - Some Great Tips To Ace The 60s Men's Fashion -

Some Great Tips To Ace The 60s Men’s Fashion

60s mens fashion

Retro knit shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts paired with slim-fit trousers encompass the typical ’60s casual look. Yeah, that’s right! Whenever someone refers to 60s men’s fashion, these were the popular outfits you pictured in your mind. And some celebrities who were fashion icons back in the 60s, oh yeah! You’re right we’re talking about Steve McQueen, Mohammed Ali, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Clint Eastwood, and Dean Martin were the most popular figures in the era of 60s who wore lots of the knit shirts for their sporty look, it was good for golfing it was good for tennis, and it was very well received for its casual style and became very mainstream in the United States.

As we go further into the 60s, the Kemp collar look is starting to go away, and now men’s starting to button shirts up and leave the top button unbuttoned at that time to as the fashion was evolving, you started to see no longer the pants were becoming high waisted in fact now you starting to see pants, were becoming slim and pleats were starting to go away so now it’s just single straight-leg pants.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular 1960s Men’s Apparels

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· Go for single-breasted two button suits in muted colors (like grey, blue, brown) in a don’t keep them too skinny.

· Opt for a plain, textured thin tie over a white dress shirt (insert cufflinks on the French cuffs).

· A simple white pocket square might work. You can tie clip it to look fancier or fold and keep it in the breast pocket.

· Put on black Oxford shoes that are highly polished and simple.

· A nice felt stingy Fedora hat on your head will make the outfit complete.

· And a high-collared tan trench coat and you’ll be in charge of an advertising agency in no time.

Shoes And Footwear

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Now one of the most important parts is to take your 60s style outfit to the next level; yeah, you are right, gentlemen, we’re talking about shoes.

As saddle shoes and the two-tone spectator shoes were fading away from popularity, we were begging to see such loafers and Chelsea boots become prominent with these outfits since they have that slim look and aren’t bulky.

A helping hand in the style change would’ve been the coming of The Beatles and the British invasion of the 1060s, where the mod outfits became more popular.

Here are some of the popular shoe styles back in the 60s while taking your outfit to the next level.

· Slip-on dress shoes

· Loafers,

· Laced up Oxfords

· Monk strap shoes

· Boots in dark brown or black

The Weekender

Yes, I know it’s always been a question to me what to wear on the weekend so let’s just take a flashback to our weekend of the 1960s (most of you reading hasn’t even been born then).

Not all the fashion trends were started by youngsters back in the 60s. Some of Dad’s group were also killed on the weekends. Suits and sportcoats were getting replaced by cardigan sweaters. You can wear this semi-casual outfit without a tie and with a polo shirt instead of a dress shirt.

Trousers showed solid colors in cheerful pastels and primary colors in spring and summer—plain dark colors for the rest of the year. In shoes, Slip-on loafers, fringe moccasins, lace-up oxfords, and two-tone golf shoes in brown, black, or white. Any of them can make you look sharp. Now take up your golf clubs and ready to relax, fellas. You may call it the 60s dad look!

Summing Up

Take cues and ace the 60s’ men’s fashion yourself.

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