Slimming Facial Hairstyles: 5 Strange (But True) Facts


Many people are not aware of specific unknown facts about slimming facial hairstyles and shaving. Yes, some points can take you by surprise. Facial hair is four times thicker in comparison to the hair on one’s head. Moreover, the beard of a person grows 4 times more than the person’s height. All these and other weird facts are about shaving and hair on your face. Read on to know more about this subject.

Slimming Facial Hairstyles: People Paid Beard Tax

Seemingly, the beard tax was introduced by King Henry VIII even though the King himself donned a beard. In the year 1698. Furthermore,  the beard tax was imposed by Emperor Peter the Great of Russia. So, the tax was collected right at the entrance of every town. The ones who paid the tax got a beard token as evidence of the payment. The ones who refused to pay taxes, had their beards shaved off.

Slimming Facial Hairstyles: 5 Strange (But True) Facts
Slimming Facial Hairstyles: 5 Strange (But True) Facts

Slimming Facial Hairstyles: Alcohol Helps In The Growth Of Facial Hair

DHT is a hormone created in the body by the work of testosterone. DHT has a vital role to play in the growth of hair on the body. Consuming alcohol increases DHT in the body, which further leads to hair growth. Hence, alcohol speeds up the process of DHT conversion into 3-alpha diol, resulting in the rapid growth of facial hair.

A Few Mini Facts

The eyebrows protect the eyes from sunlight and moisture. They help in keeping the eyes clear and clean. They also keep rainwater and sweat away from the eyes.

You might have seen people with straight hair while others with curly hair. Ever wondered why is it so? The answer lies in a person’s hair shaft. Hairs with oblate or oval shafts are curly, while the ones featuring round shafts are entirely straight. Men shave approximately 10, 000 times in their lifetime.

Both Men And Women Have The Same Number Of Hair Follicles On Face

Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone, stimulates the hair follicles on the haws of a man. It is one reason why men have beards. However, even women have the same number of hair follicles on their jaws. But they do not grow a beard because they lack the hormone called dihydrotestosterone.

Slimming Facial Hairstyles: 5 Strange (But True) Facts
Slimming Facial Hairstyles: 5 Strange (But True) Facts

There are approximately 30 000 beard hairs on the average man’s face, with most of them being on the upper lip and chin. The beard of an average man grows approximately half-inch every month. According to surveys, women find thick-bearded men more attractive than men with weak beard growth.

Even Animals Have Beards

It is not just men who have a beard. Even some animals sport a beard. These include Tamarin, Scottish Highland Cattle, and Lion-Tailed Macaque. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that lions have manes, and the colors of their manes indicate their health and strength. The ones with manes generally attack poor animals that do not have hairs. Hence, this proves that beards have reproductive and survival advantages.

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