Scruffy Beard Style Gives You A Manly And Rough Look - Scruffy Beard Style Gives You A Manly And Rough Look -

Scruffy Beard Style Gives You A Manly And Rough Look

scruffy beard style

Every man tries to keep more of a manly look and make it happen, and a beard plays a vital role. There are different beard styles that suit differently according to the shape of the face. While achieving any beard style, you have to maintain it and take care of it. But there are some styles which need very less maintenance as compared with the other beard style. You can get a Scruffy beard, one of the unique beard styles, which will surely give you a tough and manly look.

Getting a Scruffy Beard Style

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To keep your beard more untidy and shabby will give you a worn beard look. By saying untidy, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking care of your beard and leave it, but you have to focus on the beard’s growth, and by having few steps, you can have the scruffy beard style.

At the initial end, you have to focus on growing your beard to a required length. You have to groom your beard every day by combing the beard everyday downwards. You can even apply some oil or shampoo for the steady growth of your beard.

Once you achieve a desired length of beard, you can then start trimming the beard to bring it to an exact length. You can try to have a symmetrical face cut with the beard.

You can more highlight the cheek line by properly giving a curved shape to your beard, giving you a natural look.

By trimming the neckline from the center to the downward direction and taking it towards the chin or the ear area, you can achieve a scruffy beard style by following some easy steps.

Maintaining your Scruffy Beard Style

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The main advantage of this scruffy beard style is that you have to maintain it very little compared to any other beard style. It will take so less of your time to maintain it. You can comb it regularly, and by combing, you can get a soft and polished look. You can also go for some hair oil or gel to properly nourish the beard and give it a more glossy appearance.

Different Types Of Scruff Beard Style




Beard is one of the important parts of your face, and choosing a beard style can be another challenging job. But you can surely start with a scruffy beard style, which will give you a rough and manly look.

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