You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb - Do's and Don't

You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb

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Why Should You Go For A Beard Straightening Comb?

Beards have always been men’s favorite since times immemorial. Flaunting a mane is the ultimate signature of masculinity. But hair is hair, be it on the scalp or the face. You need to maintain and care for them to keep them smooth and good-looking.

When beard hair grows over a certain limit, the frizzy hair needs to be tamed. You can use a brush to do it, but a comb works wonders to untangle the locks of your beard, especially when you have a long beard. Also, combs are good when you have to set your beard after a wash and oiling.

Beard hair looks cool when they are soft and well-maintained, and this can only be done with proper care and nourishment. Combing your beard hair also ensures that your skin gets proper grooming and care.

You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb
You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb

A Comb, A Brush Or Both?

So what should be your ideal choice? A comb or a brush? Well! Both of them have equal benefits, and you can choose what suits you, otherwise you may also go for a combination of both a comb and a brush.

A brush is good for the small beard, but you need a comb if you sport a long one. Long hair needs combing, and it doesn’t matter if they are beard hair or scalp hair.

But there is a slight difference in beard hair, and scalp hair, the skin underneath beard hair is quite sensitive, and it won’t be a good choice to comb the beard hair with regular plastic combs that you use for scalp hair.

You can use a brush, but then again, brushing the beard is good as far as hair is smaller in size and less frizzy. For those tangled long mane locks, you need a proper comb that stimulates the downward growth.

You can also use a combination of both a brush and comb to cater to your grooming needs as and when you require. Check out this cool product, and you won’t regret sure.

You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb
You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb

Which Comb To Use? Plastic, Metal, Or Wood?

This is also a point of concern for beard hair because the skin is sensitive on the face as compared to the scalp. You have to make a proper choice that suits your skin. Plastic hair combs are a big no because they can damage your beard hair and the skin as well.

Metal combs can be an option, but they are not as efficient as they should be, and their sharp edges need polishing now and then.

The best beard straightening comb is the wooden comb. The make of a wooden comb is light on the beard hair and retains the natural oils. It doesn’t mess with the beard hair causing unnecessary pull and damage to the skin.

You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb
You Need To Have A Beard Straightening Comb

Heat or wetness doesn’t affect the wooden comb, whereas a metal one can react to your beard if it is wet or soiled. A wooden beard straightening comb also helps you when you apply beard oil or balm and can’t coat all your hair with your palms.

So choose wisely and pick your grooming essentials according to your needs. Flaunt your mane in style!

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