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Popular Mens Fashion Items of 1920s Style

1920's mens fashion

One of the most recognizable men’s clothing trends of the 1920’s was men’s clothing and accessories made of tailored, pressed garments that were darker and had fuller pockets. In addition to these heeled shoes, beaded belts and buckles were also popular as they were a sign of wealth and power. Men’s clothing at this time was akin to tailoring and formal attire. It had the proper fit and appearance so that it was appropriate for business as well as social affairs.

An Overview

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The standard men’s dress uniform for this period was a white outfit with a waistcoat over a pleated shirt and a jacket. They were also usually adorned with cuff links and had a vest or bow tie. These uniforms did not change much from years past.

In today’s men’s fashion world there are far more options than just the typical business suit. Men’s clothing designers have taken advantage of the available resources to create unique fashion statements for men. For example, the casual pullover sweater has been very popular in recent years. The traditional button down shirt is also still very popular. Most of these clothing items can be purchased without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Variety Of Sports Wear

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For those that are interested in more upbeat clothing that will show some skin, you can choose from a variety of sports wear that is available today. Popular choices include: tee shirts, tracksuits, and golf apparel. All of these items can easily be found at most local department stores as well as many specialty boutiques.

Today, many men are choosing clothing over what they had worn in the past. As technology continues to advance, there are many new fashions being developed that are less conservative and are more comfortable for men of all ages. There are even accessories such as belts and shoes that are becoming increasingly popular amongst men.

Another trend that is gaining popularity today is vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is often associated with a specific era. Therefore, it is fun to find and buy clothing that is reminiscent of the past. You can choose from pieces that are made from fabrics such as velvet, organza, and velvet that are much more sophisticated than your traditional cotton T-shirts.

Many men want to wear clothing that is both vintage and modern at the same time. This is easier said than done however. Many of the older pieces in men’s history such as trench coats, bow ties, and jeans are difficult to find today. However, it may be possible to locate some vintage clothing if you know where to look. Many thrift stores and estate auctions offer clothing to those that are interested. In some cases, these clothes may be only a few months old.

Buying Tips

When shopping for clothing, it is important to be aware of your size. Many times, clothing that seems to fit fine may actually be too baggy. It is best to measure and order your clothing before wearing it. You can also have someone measure you so you have a clear idea of what size you need.

For many years, loafers were among the most popular men’s shoes. Today, they still remain popular. Men’s loafers are typically available in black, brown, and tan. The traditional brown loafers are considered elegant, but there are also versions that are more casual.

The fedora is another popular choice for men’s hats. They are often associated with Italian-American heritage and are relatively easy to find. These hats are usually made of felt or straw. A fedora is fairly simple to wear and has a classic look. There are no special embellishments, such as fringes, that would be added to the hat to make it unique.

A long coat is considered a classic staple for men’s fashion. The fedora has been popular for a long time and is well suited to both men and women. They can easily be worn with almost anything and the style never changes. Jackets are another option for men’s clothing, especially in colder climates. Sport jackets are popular for many reasons including warmth and protection.


Men’s clothing for women can include skirts, blouses, and even shorts. The skirt is the most versatile piece of men’s clothing and there are several colors and styles to choose from. Shorts are good for people who aren’t looking for a dressy or formal shirt. Some styles include the short length that barely reaches the knees, which is great for athletic type men. Another style is the longer skirt, which can be layered with a blouse for a professional look.

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