Perfect Styles For Curly Hair


There are a lot of hair cut men out there, however, the sad reality is,  there are only very few for curly men. This is why some men with curly hair are having some difficulties maximizing their look. And this is why some just keep it short to keep it safe.

Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair
Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair

If you are a guy with curly hair looking for hairstyle inspirations. Check out the list and the tips that we have for you below.

Curly Undercut

Oh yes! It is absolutely possible. Men with curly hair can also go with the undercut. The secret here is to keep the top hair at medium length. If you go with this style, your goal is to give the top hair a messy but stylish look. So it would be smart for you to invest in some great pomade of wax for you to have more control over your unruly hair.

Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair
Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair

The Curly Pompadour

Now this will take some guts and some intense hair maintenance. You see, the pompadour is actually made for men with long and straight hair. The aforementioned men are the ones who can wear it and enjoy its signature pomp high look. However, you can rock this too. Just make sure that you ask your barber to decrease the volume a little bit for it to have form when you style it into a pompadour.

Short And Tight

If you are one of those people who have fine curly hairs then this is a style for you. Keeping it short and tight sounds simple enough, but it can give you a very classic look that others will envy. The secret to this hair cut for men is to keep your hair as healthy as possible. In addition, thus looks awesome with a beard so consider growing one.

Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair
Hair Cut Men: Perfect Styles for Curly Hair

Mid Length Curly

This is also called the “Beach Curls”. You can see this often in movies. You know the confident guy who seems to know everybody in the beach in some South American Country. If you noticed his hair. That is the beach curls. There is not much hassle in maintaining this hair. You can actually just let it go. All you need to make sure of is that you clean is regularly to avoid it from tangling.

Tips To Keeping Your Curly Hair Awesome

Now that you have chosen the hair cut men for you, this is the time to know how to take care of it. A well maintained hair is a good-looking hair, so be sure to read these tips.

Wash Regularly

A clean hair it not just a fragrant hair but also a healthy hair. You hair gets exposed to elements everyday and dirt or dust gets in it. Regular washing removes all of those dirt, thus preventing your hair from tangling together.

Trim Regularly

There are some hair cut for men that you just can let go. Yet, there are also some that needs constant trimming. Make sure to invest in good clippers of scissors to have something to use when your hair get’s a little out of hand.

Buy Hair Car Products

This might sound new to you. And yes it is. The concept of men using hair care products specially made for them is pretty young. But men should start embracing this now and admit that they need it. Invest in good pomades, oils and waxes and they will make all the difference.

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