Modern Man: Choosing The Perfect Beard Style


A beard is not just facial hair, it is an accessory. When a man chooses the perfect beard designs for his face shape, he adds dimension and contrast to his face. Believe it or not, a good beard game can make a man more attractive. And this is the reason why a lot of men take this very seriously.

Some of the most famous people who benefited from beards are James Harden (Houston Rockets) and Conor Mcgregor (UFC Champion). These men have  long oval faces. Growing their beards thick have made a significant in fact on how they look. Let’s just say, it made them a whole lot better.

Here are some of the most popular beards that you can choose from.

The Balbo

Eliminate those sideburns and pair with a well-trimmed mustache. This is the perfect beard designs for you if you have a round face and want to make it thinner.

The Bandholz

This style was originated by Robert Bandholz, the CEO of a famous men’s grooming brand. To achieve this beard you need to grow your beard until to neck-level and also a perfectly long mustache. It takes a lot of patience to grow this beard but it looks really cool.

Circle Beard

This style which is among the most versatile of the beard designs is also known as a goatee. You can achieve this look by growing a chin strap until it reaches your mustache to form a circle.

Full Beard

This is a beard in its full potential. To achieve this you need to let your facial hair grow for 4 weeks or longer without trimming. Once it is thick enough, you can then shave the sides to make it look clean and also to emphasize the volume.


If you let your beard grow naturally until it reaches 18-20 cm in length. Then you need to trim the bottom to get that round style. To complete this style you also need to grow your mustache until it melds with your beard. The Garibaldi is among the list of the beard designs you should choose if you want to attract some attention.

Imperial Style

So what you need to have this kind of beard is to grow both your beard and your mustache. Once you are able to develop whiskers its time to shape and then remove the hair on your chin leaving only the sides.

Short Stubble

If you are too lazy to bother about special trimming and shaping techniques, then this is the one for you. The key here is to keep it short but visible enough. So all you need to do is to do a trim maybe once of twice a week and clean the hair on growing on your neck.

Medium Stubble

There is a chance that you might not like the shape of the short stubble and you want to get more volume. You just need to grow that short stubble until it reaches 3-5 mm long, then trim it. And you will already have the medium stubble.

Long Stubble

Grow that medium stubble to 6 mm long and trim the strays meticulously to achieve this style. It is one of those beard designs which are pretty hard to maintain to achieve that awesome look.

Modern Man: Choosing The Perfect Beard Designs
Modern Man: Choosing The Perfect Beard Designs

Van Dyke

You need to prepare your self to put in some effort in achieving this beard design. This modern-day beard is basically just a mustache and a goatee combined together. To shave your beard to a Van Dyke you need to do some precision styling on your cheek, need and sideburns once the hair is long enough.

Choose any of these classic styles and you will definitely increase your attractiveness significantly.

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