Mens Clothing Trends - 80s Mens Style -

Mens Clothing Trends – 80s Mens Style

80s Mens Style

It is easy to see why men love the 80s, the music and clothing style that the decade created. From pop hits and dance numbers, to rock and roll, the eighties are synonymous with cool, and many a fashion statement was made in the years after. Here are a few fun facts about how the decade influenced men’s fashion and accessory trends.

The Rock And Roll Band’s Style

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The first thing you will notice is the popularity of the music in rock and roll. Many people in the first decade were into the likes of the Who, The Yardbirds, Elton John and other well known bands. The band’s popularity was so big that when they broke up and the music ended, many of these people had long hair and wore short pants and dresses. Rock became more of a manly thing than it was before.

Rock and roll also paved the way for the grunge movement. This group of people loved the rock and roll look, and many of them had long hair, too, including Kurt Cobain. Many of them wore their hair shaved or sported facial hair, which was unheard of at the time.

Role Of Steve Madden

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One of the first clothing designers to have an influence on the look was Steve Madden, who designed shirts, jackets and pants that had the grunge look, and were often blue in color. Other clothing designers had an influence on this look, including those who designed sports team wear. The NFL teams of the day liked this look, and so did those in the film industry, as well as rock bands.

Other than Steve Madden, the style of clothing design was very much a male dominated field, which meant that most of the clothing available was geared towards men. However, the clothes were usually made from quality materials and were designed to be durable.

Revolution In Fashion

In the late eighties, the popularity of clothing lines and accessories began to shift, and a new look started to take hold. The clothes began to be made from a variety of different materials, and were generally more comfortable. Many were made from high quality fabrics, and were even hand sewn. Some were even machine made, but still many were designed by hand.

The 80s Mens Style became popular again, but only because men were wearing skirts again. This time, women were getting the spotlight. As the nineties arrived and the fashion styles became more mainstream, more women were coming into the forefront and influencing the fashion trends of men.

With the changes in clothing designs in the last ten years or so, we are seeing a return to traditional styles and patterns. Women are coming into the limelight, but men are still taking care of the style aspects. If you are looking to go back into the decade, and get the look, you should check out the 80s Mens Style, which has been around for a long time.

One of the best clothing designer of all time, is Ralph Lauren. They have one of the best lines, and they use top of the line materials to make their clothing. This includes everything from bedding to shirts and pants. They still make clothes that have the same design elements that were seen in the eighties, but they have taken it to a whole other level with the materials and the quality.

Final Words

When it comes to men’s fashion trends, you can still see that the eighties style still holds true, and there is a good chance that it will never go away. As long as men continue to wear clothing made from quality fabrics and with quality fabrics, the style of clothing is set to stay.

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