Mens Beard Styles -

Mens Beard Styles

men beard style

Men around the world have always taken pride in styling their beards. Here are some of the most common men’s beard styles.

Classic Beard

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This style is not too long, neither too short. It gives a thick coverage. This is the classic beard that is perfect for those with a lot of facial hair. But, this style does not suit everyone. It is recommended for young people as it needs a youthful hairstyle to accompany. Only if you get a youthful haircut, can you give this beard style a modern outlook. You can also choose a side parting with a strong hold pomade to go with this classic beard to look very vintage.

Full Beard

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As the name suggests, this one is a longer beard style that looks great when done properly. But, you need to get this beard style with caution. It will take time to grow and hence, you need to be patient. You also need to groom regularly and style your hair properly to go with a full beard. Else, you might end up looking like Castaway actor. Your barber needs to cut your hair properly. Modern and youthful haircuts suit this beard style all the more, else you might end up look aged. Secondly, you should always hydrate your beard with a beard oil to prevent dryness and to make your beard more manageable.

Bushy Beard

This beard style adds texture and length to your face and also helps to elongate your face shape. It is great for those who have a short or round face. It lengthens the jawline. You need to use a lot of beard oil to get the right beard look for this style and also to prevent dryness in your facial hair. A person with bushy beard also looks more mature. It needs to be paired properly with the right haircut.

Biker Beard

This beard looks quite dramatic and can easily change your look drastically. It is great for those who like to experiment with their looks and look different every time. It is grown if you have extra hair on the chin area. You will need to shape your facial hair as per this beard style. Brad Pitt does look really cool with this beard style.

Beard Styles for Bald Men

A properly shaped beard can give a bald man a charismatic look. It can give a new dimension to your overall look. A beard will offer more character to your looks and add more texture to your frame. But, you will need to do some study on which beard types suits which face type. If you are confused, you can try growing a beard and then analyzing whether it is suiting your face or not. A shaved head is definitely enhanced with a stubble at the jawline.

These are some of the common men’s beard styles you can try yourself.

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