Men Hair Care: Maintaining Long Hair Styles


Men are pretty lucky nowadays. We can now wear long hairstyles and not worry about people calling us barbarians on the street. In fact, men who wear their hair long seem to exude more sex appeal than their balding counterparts.

But never ever think that all you need to do is just let your hair grow and that’s it. Of course, you need to make sure that you take care of it. Wearing long hair that looks more like a year-old mop will definitely not turn on anybody. You need to make it your responsibility to make sure you long hairstyle is well taken care of.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your long mane.

Get It Trimmed Regularly

A crazy-looking, unkempt long hairstyles is only accepted if you are a rock star on tour. But if your not, make sure that you visit your favorite barber as often as you can. Get those split ends trimmed and get an expert to take care of the damaged sections. It is actually advised to visit your barber every 8 weeks to keep it healthy.

Men Hair Care: How to Take Care of Long Hairstyles
Men Hair Care: How to Take Care of Long Hairstyles

Wash with Shampoo and Conditioner

Nowadays, men who reach for hair care products in the supermarket won’t raise eyebrows anymore. People have already accepted the fact that brutish and dirty macho men are now a thing of the past. And you should feel no shame in doing so especially if you are wearing a long hairstyle.

Once you get your hands on a good bottle of shampoo and conditioner, make sure you use it as often as you can. The best way to use shampoo products is to work it on your scalp with warm water.  Using warm water when washing your hair makes sure that you keep the natural oils that make your hair shine. And try to find the shampoo for long hairstyles to get more benefits.

 Never forget to use conditioner after you have completely washed the shampoo off. Most of the conditioners in the market work best if you let it stay for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off. And you should rinse it off three times to make sure that nothing of it would stay in your scalp.

Men Hair Care: How to Take Care of Long Hairstyles
Men Hair Care: How to Take Care of Long Hairstyles

Be Gentle When Drying Your Hair

It may seem innocent, but towel drying is one of the most common reasons for damages on long hairstyles. Rubbing your hair with a towel can cause tangles which would then lead to damage.

The proper way to dry your hair will be to throw out that towel and use your hands instead. Shake your head to remove excess water and then carefully stroke your hair downward. We know it isn’t the fastest way to dry it, but it ensures that your hair stays looking great at all times.

Have A Good Hair Care Arsenal

A pair of good scissors, a comb, a brush, and a great selection of hair care products is a must-have. Buy the scissors and combs that specifically made for trimming hair to get the best results. If you are serious about taking care of your long hairstyle then you should shop for oils and creams. These products will help protect your hair from elements and also gives you more control when styling.

These three simple steps will definitely keep your long hairstyle well-maintained and healthy. You actually don’t need anything else but some patience and as well as consistency in caring for your

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