Let’s Learn About Tie Types


We all are concerned about our look. Before you step out of your house, your eyes must be automatically looking for the mirror. It has become a common phenomenon with all of us. You will see after a certain age people become more concern about their looks. You can see this in teenagers and adults. In our childhood, mom is the commander chief of all our necessities. She decides everything from your clothes to your food. You know the kind of clothes you wear will always reflect your upbringing. But as you grow up, the influence of your peers even affect styling. A smart tie can add an extra quotient to your style statement

Tie Types
Tie Types

Your attitude enhances your personality, and your styling enhances your looks. Wear clothes according to your body shape and figure. The types of clothes you wear send out quite some message about your character. If one wears mostly dark colors is related to be pessimistic.  Someone who prefers wearing mostly white is considered peace-loving, optimistic, and cleanliness freak.

The colors you wear say a lot about you. Dressing and styling are according to occasions. You cannot go to a business meeting in a night suit, and you cannot sleep in your business suit. There are many qualified styling and fashion designers available in the market to help you out in your dressing for occasions.

Business Of Styling 

Everybody is not born with a fantastic sense of dressing or with excellent looking features. Nowadays the market of fashion has become so big that if you have got the right amount of money in your bank balance, then nobody can stop flaring good looks. There are so many actors always looking so glamorous and beautiful. Whatever these people wear becomes a trend, and the crowd starts following it. 

Are they all born with such geniuses? The truth is they all spending a lot of money behind fashion to be in the limelight. They all have their styling and fashion designers. These fashion designers use the actors for endorsement of their clothes. And just because a celebrity the dress wears it, it starts coding with extra zeroes. Likewise, designers keep experimenting with men styling giving them different shapes of a tie on a simple look to get enhances to formal. In school days students regularly wear a tie as it is a part of their uniform. And this how most of us learn how to make a perfect tie knot

I remember my papa teaching to tie my tie. I always feel that a tie gives completes the look of formal attire. Like the color of your clothes, the color of your tie and its shape says a lot about your personality. So let’s talk about some tie shapes.

Tie Types
Tie Types

Different Tie Styles

There are around seventeen different way of making a tie knot. Depending upon the occasion you can pick a knot that suits.


Wear clothes that not just make you look good but also enhance your confidence.  Pair your suit and shirt with a smart looking tie and the will not be able to take their eyes off you. Spread your charm and set your own trend.

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