How to Know If Youre Going to Look Good in 90s Fashion -

How to Know If Youre Going to Look Good in 90s Fashion

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Everyone remembers the days when men were in their own place in the world, without being defined by anyone else. That time was the decade of the Maui Jim, the Space Shuttle and the grunge. The men of those days wore anything they wanted, including denim skirts and flannel shirts. But times have changed and now, you won’t find many men wandering the streets in nothing but Hawaiian beer-stained jeans, either.

Consider Your Dad’s Shirt

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Nowadays, fashion is more than a trend or something to wear. It’s becoming a part of everyday life for both genders, which can be considered normal these days. Just because you’re not wearing your dad’s $2.99 plaid shirt, doesn’t mean you can’t still make a statement with the clothes you choose to wear. Just like how rock stars let their fashion speak for them, mens fashion does the same thing.

Style With What You Have

This isn’t to say you need to break out the carpet and go out and purchase every new piece of men’s fashion you see on TV. That would be ridiculous. What you need to do, instead, is to start taking note of how you dress. Think about the outfits you put together each day. How are they related to your personal style and what message do they send? Take for example the work attire that most men wear. From a functional perspective, it’s important to wear clothing that’s comfortable but also keeps up with current trends and style. Think about what brands of shoes you own, if any. Chances are, these are items you don’t regularly wear, but they could easily be incorporated into your mens fashion wardrobe.

Keep It Formal

When you get dressed for work, you should always look professional. You should dress in a way that makes it easy for you to conduct yourself in a professional manner. A great accessory to bring to the office is a simple necktie that goes well with all of your business outfits. Men’s fashion isn’t just about being dressed appropriately. It’s about having an appreciation for what’s trendy and making subtle fashion choices that make a statement. That statement can be as big as picking out a shirt that makes you feel confident and as small as picking out a pair of jeans that have a little extra kick.

Follow Your Fashion Gurus

Take some time to consider what kinds of clothes other men in your office or business environment are wearing. See if any of them have an item in common with you. If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s time to take a step back. Don’t fret, though. It doesn’t mean there’s not something there! Rather, you need to look for the similarities between your own style and theirs. Remember, your comfort level is going to be very different from theirs, even if both of you happen to be in the same profession. When you find something in common, you can use it to your advantage.

Check The Fabric

In addition to looking at what the guys are wearing, also take a look at the fabrics they’re wearing. Your suit, for example, might look good on someone who owns a lot of silk but might look silly on a guy who prefers to work in cotton. Try to identify with the person who will be wearing your attire and then adjust your own style accordingly. Even if you do find a similar style, there’s still one more thing you can look for to give you the advantage. One of the most defining aspects of men’s fashion is fit. Men who fit perfectly flat or slimmer are often perceived as well-endowed. So, you should take note of the shape of your clothes.

Bottom Lines

And finally, be sure to try the shirt on. If the necktie is too big, or the tie isn’t properly tied, you’re going to look like a frump. On the other hand, a poorly fitting shirt can result in a shirt that is simply too small. Either way, it’s always best to shop with a friend or two. While you can’t exactly move in mens fashion the way you can in women, it’s important that you learn the rules. This means watching what you wear carefully and being aware of how others perceive you. By doing so, you’ll be able to move into the fashion world without too much hassle. After all, fashion isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being comfortable and natural.

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