How To Dress Better Than Your Friends -

How To Dress Better Than Your Friends

How To Dress Better Than Your Friends

If you want to stand out in a crowd and make a lasting impact on everyone, then you need to dress in a presentable manner. Dressing according to the occasion and in a way that suits your features adds lots of character to your overall personality.  A crisp, clean, and well-fitted attire is a crucial element that gives your personality an extra edge. Here are a few tips on how to dress better to stand out and leave a great impression on the mind of others.

Nail The Fit

Proper fit can drastically uplift your appearance. A loosely fitted suit adds volumes of fabric and makes you look short and plump. On the other hand, tight ill-fitted cloths can be uncomfortable. A well-fitted garment accentuates in the right places and helps to achieve a well-defined look. Therefore, next time you go shopping, opt for apparels that fit you well or can be easily adjusted to your fit.

Dress For Occasion

Dressing formally to formal events like business meetings and opting for casuals for celebrations and parties is the norm of the world that everyone sticks by. Dressing in accordance to the occasion marks respect for others and also saves you from appearing out of the place and style.

How To Dress Better Than Your Friends
How To Dress Better Than Your Friends

Invest In A Watch

Watch is a piece of accessory that gives your appearance a timeless look. Functional, aesthetical, rugged sports watch models go well with almost anything and can add character to your personality. Buy a watch that has a comfortable fit and right size according to your wrist. A 40mm watch is considered to fit most of the people and is referred to as ‘Goldilocks’ size.

Our Good Old Friend: Jeans

One can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans. Opt for ‘slim-tapered’ cut when buying jeans. It is wide in the thigh area and tapers down gradually and goes well with shoes as well as sneakers. Always look for comfort when buying jeans.

Splurge On Shoes

If you are still wearing your runners everywhere you go, then its time to change it. Indulge in classic pair of footwear like loafers, brogues or plain and dark Derby. Avoid uncomfortable shoes with square or pointy toes. A quality pair of formal, classic shoes are always worth your money.

How To Dress Better Than Your Friends 
How To Dress Better Than Your Friends

Stick To Classic Shirts

Buy two to three classic shirts in neutral colors such as white, blue, light blue, grey, etc. This shirt can be paired with almost everything. You can wear them with jeans for a semi-formal look, or team them up with a suit for formal settings. A well-pressed clean shirt adds elegance and class to your personality.

Work On Your Appearance

Any apparel that is well pressed and clean helps in achieving the neat, sharp, and well-defined look. Use shoe trees or racks for shoes and buy wooden hangers for shirts. Establish a grooming regime for maintaining your hair and cut nails regularly. A monthly appointment with a salon is an essential factor in achieving a crisp and elegant appearance. Select a mild perfume or cologne that goes well with your personality.

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