How to Choose a Guy's Beard Style -

How to Choose a Guy’s Beard Style

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For most guys, having a beard is a big part of their personality. Even guys who don’t necessarily identify as being “masculine” will sport a well-groomed beard. It is an important fashion statement for many men. The “Beard” is synonymous with freedom and masculine. However, it’s not always easy to pull off. There are some very basic principles that you should remember when trying to pull off this look.

The beard style is mainly divided into two parts: the shag and the buzz. Both styles look great together, but there is a distinct difference between the two. Shaggy beard styles are best suited for those with wide chubby cheeks and/or a broad jawline. With a beard style like this, you will have trouble showing your upper face.

An Overview

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Buzz: You need to be lean and square faced to pull off the buzz look. This style will make your chubby cheeks look thinner and your jaw line look wider. There are several ways to style your buzz. You can use gel, mousse or a styling product with wax. Use warm water to wash your facial hair, then use a soft cloth to buff the area.

Chubby: If you have a chubby face, then this beard style will suit you perfectly. This style makes the best use of all the fat on your face to frame your jawline. You need to stay away from waxing, unless it’s a fine mousetrap. A straight shag works well if your jawline is sharp. To achieve the clean-shaven look, trim the hair at the sides and corners of your jawline.

Beard Style

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Tapered Full Beard: You can pull off a tapered full beard by using long shags around your jawline. Use a razor blade to trim the shag around your jawline until it is neat and shagged. It is advisable to leave some length on the sides for an easy shave. This is a great option for people who are still growing. You should avoid waxing, especially if you want to keep the hair around your jawline.

Short Sides: For those of you with a round face shape, you should get a short beard style. This will add dimension and squareness to your face. Since your face needs to remain sharp, trim the hair on the side and back of your face using a sharp beard-type razor. To get that short sides effect, use mousse or liquid wax on your cheeks every day.

Square Face: A square face will not suit everyone, so try a different beard style. For those with a square face shape, you should aim for a length on top of the chin. Long shaggy-style beards are a great option for men with this facial shape.

Thin Facial Side: If you have a thin face, you will want to trim your beard in short layers. You will also want to use the same trimming technique for your sides. Use the same beard-style razor for the sides as you do for your chin. You will see that the sides will become thinner as you go towards the top of your head. The result will look like your jawline has been slimmer.

Jawline: One of the most popular beard styles for men with a square jawline is to add some short sides and a slightly longer top to the jawline. This will give the illusion of width and make your face appear narrower. You can achieve this by using a beard-style razor that has a wide base. You can also use a long shag.

Last But Not Least

Narrowing the Neckline: Many guys want their face appear less blocky, so they use an offset chin trim. This beard style, where the beard is cut off just below the ear, draws the eye down and away from the black jawline. It will look more slender and will reduce the roundness of the face.

Full Beard: This is a very popular look and works well with broad faces. The sides are left long and the upper cheeks are groomed into a high angle, tapered style. This creates a narrow chin area, but leaves plenty of room around the jawline to add width. Some men also opt for side swept bangs to create the same effect.

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