Hipster And Man Beard In 2019


Beards have been quite a popular trend for the last few years. In fact, it gave a new dimension to the men’s fashion by breaking the monotony of a clean shaved look. Today, it may seem that beard has lost its glory to be out of the trend soon. If you have been wondering the same, here you go. Our experts will suggest you whether beards are still in 2019 or they have become boring to the men’s fashion world. By analyzing the latest global trends, we explain which styles are still prevalent and how you can try these. Based on the same, you can easily make your decision between hipster beard vs man beard.

Are Beards Still In 2019?
Are Beards Still In 2019?

Beards VS Clean Shave

It is all about personal preference when it comes to the battle between beard and clean shaved look. Some of us do not really appreciate beard and avoid growing one. However, a beard is trendy even today as it lets you explore with the looks. Moreover, beards cannot be boring when you know how to experiment with it by changing the styles. There is a wide variety of designs in beard, and you can try some of the best designs in 2019.

Today, a beard has gone through a long evolution, and some of the celebrities are endorsing it. Instead of long and loose shape, some are focusing more on creating a sharp look with a short and trimmed beard. To define the style further, many products are now available that you can buy and try. Beard oils are also necessary when you want to take proper care. Beard balms are used for defining the look.

Are Beards Still In 2019?
Are Beards Still In 2019?

Hipster Beard VS Man Beard

When it comes to making a choice between these two, we are confused about two things. Firstly, we wonder which one will suit us better than the other. Secondly, we often don’t know which one is the trendiest. The experts suggest that a man beard looks more stylish when he keeps the hipster beard and you can try it merely by taking proper care at home. Man beard looks more defined and cleaner than the hipster beard. Also, it is seen that women prefer men with a beard more than the long and messy beards. The style suits almost everyone, whereas a hipster beard requires a great personality to carry it with boldness. However, if you still believe that you will look better with a hipster beard, go ahead.

Rockabilly Beard

The music-inspired look from rockabilly beard and hairstyle can lend anyone a unique appearance. If you want to try this one, you can choose from ample designs online. Or you can ask your stylist to pick the best one from the lot. Rockabilly beard usually has a long length, which is untrimmed and a little messy. Creating a casual look requires immense care, and therefore, you need to nourish the beard with essential oils and other products. This will not only help you to grow the beard longer but will also strengthen the root of the beard.

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