The French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style

French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style

French beard look got famous by a very renowned artist Van Dyke. It was also known by the name Van Dyke beard.  The beard is still trending. French beard in earlier days was the beard where it was separate and different from mustaches. Nowadays, it is used to describe a style of beard. French beard style is mouth area encircled with a beard. This style was trendy in France in the early 18th century. Later it became quite popular in other countries. People started liking it because it was easy to maintain and grow. In this style you grow beard around your mouth starting from the upper lip to the chin with no sideburns, keeping neck and jawline clean.

Choice and Style

French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style
French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style

People Adapting French Beard

This style should be adopted by men having patchy hair growth. Many people, including celebrities, opt for French beard as it is easy to maintain.  It gives a soft shape to your face. Anyone can rock the look irrespective of the color of their facial hair. It is perfect for men who have just started to learn to maintain facial hair.

  Another Style of French Beard

It has a goat-like sole patch under the lower lip. This look is usually suitable with a clean shave. It can also go wellwith a sweet mustache. This look is quite elegant and fashionable.

People Known For French Beard

Amitabh Bachchan

The actor started to wear and maintain this look after his movie Aks. In 2001 the film completed 14 years which made the actor recall how this movie made him keep his French beard permanently.

 Robert Downey Jr.

This actor started to maintain a unique style of the beard for his characters. He trademarked his beard as a signature style for his comic look. The style of the actor became a facial hair trend. This beard style is manly and well-groomed.

History And Evolvement Of Beard

Considering the present scenario keeping beard a more of a style statement than symbolizing customs and traditions, and with the help of shaving, people can easily remove and experiment with different styles of beard.

There are many styles of beard for men to select from, for example:-Sideburns, Meg, Circle beard, goatee, junco, sea captain, van dyke, monkey tail, Hollywoodian, reed, royale, soul patch, stashburns, Oakley beard, closed or tied beard, friendly mutton chops, hulihee, muslim beard, Verdi, designer stubble, neckbeard, chin curtain and a lot more

French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style
French Beard Never Goes Out Of Style


It is clear that in history, the beard was inter-relates the cultural values, pride, and a symbol of manliness and authority. But with changing times its more of a fashion trend and look enhancer. It is one of the styles of keeping beard has evolved with time and have its identity. It is one of the most followed styles amongst people of all age groups. The reason being, it is easy to maintain and offers a great look.

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