Five 1800s Mens Fashion Inspired Styles To Try In 2021 -

Five 1800s Mens Fashion Inspired Styles To Try In 2021

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Many of our recent fashion styles have been adopted from the 18th century. Though we have brought a massive change in our attire, we can’t deny the influence of the 1800s fashion style on our fashion sense. In this article, I am going to show you some examples of the existence of the 1800s mens fashion style in our modern era. 


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Breeches are a type of pants that are fastened around the leg with a drawstring. Breeches were appreciated in the 1850s, the Regency era, as an appropriate evening attire for men. Until the end of the 19th century, little boys used to wear this. This 1800s mens fashion is gaining popularity in recent years. It has retained its lost glory and richness. Breeches, crafted by artisans with fine stitching materials, are considered to be ultra-comfortable attire for men throughout the day. 

Coats With Tails

Do you want to try an 1800s mens fashion style in your upcoming event? Then you must try on coats with tails. This was another popular attire during that era. In the 21st century also, tailcoats are very popularly worn by men. There are two types of tailcoats you will find on the market – Dress coat and Morning coat. A dress coat is an evening attire that includes a squarely cut-away front. On the other hand, the Morning coat, which is also known as “cutaway” in American English, is daywear that has a tapered front cutaway. 


The waistcoat is another popular 1800s mens fashion style that has been enormously appreciated as a perfect summer workwear solution by men of the 21st century. It is a fashionable dress that was first introduced in the 1790s. During the 1800s, waistcoats were mainly worn by middle-class professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, clergymen, academics, and merchants. This tradition is being carried on even today to set a grand look. 

Wellington Boots

Brightly coloured and well patterned Wellington boots are in huge popularity nowadays. This 1800s mens fashion style is an essential part of every British wardrobe, especially during Autumn and Winter. Wellington boots were first designed by the shoemaker of Arthur Wellesley (the Duke of Wellington), Mr. George Hoby in London. It was named after the Duke of Wellington. These boots include low-cut in the back, while high-cut in the front. 

Hessian Boots

Hessian boots are a kind of boots that used to have tassels and a heart-shaped design on the top. These boots were first introduced by German soldiers in the 18th century. Then these boots became popular as military riding boots in England during the Regency period. Though this 1800s mens fashion style had lost its popularity long ago, in recent days people are appreciating it. Apart from men, many women are praising these boots as a trendy fashion style. 

Bottom Lines 

Have you already changed your mind to try some trendy 1800s mens fashion instead of carrying on your traditional styles? So what are you waiting for! 

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