Mens Grooming Sets

This article will explain the different types of grooming sets for men and their uses.

Although there are products that are over the roof expensive, a man should be able to purchase a kit that suits his budget without breaking the bank.

● Skincare kits

Having a skincare routine that is suitable for your skin is priceless. However, it can only yield flawless and glowing skin when used consistently. Here are some of the components of a skincare kit;

  1. Serums;

The serum acts as a complement to add certain nutrients to the skin. The SkinCeuticals hyaluronic acid intensifier is the best serum in use. Nevertheless, if you cannot afford it choose any serum that can hydrate, nourish, protect, and most importantly favourable for your skin.

Apply serum daily after cleaning and drying your face

  1. Creams:

The cream can be utilized in general to boost the tone of the skin. It’s advisable to use face cream for the face rather than a general lotion. It may seem like a lot but the benefits subsist repairing the skin, reducing wrinkles, spots and as an anti-ageing agent

  1. Cleanser:

The face cleanser is an exfoliating agent that helps to remove dead cells and open the pores of the skin. There are several types of cleanser, gel cleanser, cream cleanser, foam, clay, and powder cleansers. It is advisable to go for the gel cleanser because it easily penetrates the skin. 

  1. Moisturizer:

Often, moisturizer is misplaced for a serum but they both serve different purposes. Moisturizer is any solution that helps to keep the skin hydrated externally in the absence of sebum and also softens the skin.

  1. Face oil:

 Dermatologists have proposed the use of light oil that can be easily absorbed by the skin.

As an accessory, lip balm, hand, and feet cream, and perfumes can also be chipped into the kit

● Beard grooming kit

A man wearing a hat

A lot of men take pride in showing off their beard whilst those whose beard lack volume feel intimidated. This segment will uncover some beard grooming products which give that full, shining, and soft beard you desire. Let’s start!

  1. Beard scrub:

You may be dismayed but yes! There’s something like a beard scrub. Your beard should be scrubbed to get rid of impurities and exfoliate the skin underneath.

  1. Beard shampoo:

These products are designed in a way that its usage doesn’t cause harm to your skin or the texture of your beard. Instead, it cleans and softens the beard.

  1. Beard Moisturizer:

Note that a face moisturizer is not the same as a beard moisturizer. The aim is for a well-groomed beard therefore, it can’t be supplemented for another product. Its unique components help to detangle, moisture, soften, and improve hair growth.

  1. Beard oil:

Lastly is the beard oil. This is what gives that head-turning ordeal. It leaves your beard shiny, smooth, and healthy. It is composed of carrier oil effective for hair growth as well.

●     Shaving kit

For some men, a razor and a leathering agent is all they need to shave. Usually, they end up having bumps, eczema, rashes, boil, or skin irritation because they didn’t take the necessary precautions.

There are some mandatory materials every man must have in his shaving kit;

  1. Razor:

Try as much as possible to go for the best razors that are sharp but be careful not to hurt yourself. When the razor becomes blunt maybe after once or twice of usage, please discard it.

  1. Shaving cream/ gel:

A leathering agent is very important in shaving. It helps to give a smooth run-through of the blade and nourishes the skin.

Apply a generous amount of shaving cream or gel to your beard before shaving.

  1. Hairbrush: Although it is not necessary, a hairbrush goes a long way in giving a clean shave. The brush erects the hair allowing easy movement of the razor without going in severally and still miss some.
  2. Pre- and post-shave cream:

The chances of not reacting after shaving are very slim. Therefore, using pre and post-shaving creams like cortisone and salicylic acid minimizes the risk of a skin reaction.

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