Best Hairstyles For Balding Men


Hairstyle information are plenty, but when it comes to hairstyles for balding men it is frustratingly unbelievable how hard it actually is to locate any relevant information online. This is relatively surprising, considering the amount of balding men that are actually out there who deserve to have decent hairstyles just like anybody else.

To make things better for many like myself, I have compiled my very own guide with hairstyles for balding men. It is a well-known fact that the majority of bald men actually suffer from something called male pattern baldness. This usually begins with receding hairlines near the very front and usually comes with thinning near the top. As time goes by, such thinning will transform into a completely bald spot, which will grow over the entire head, aside from around the side and back.

Hairstyle Tips For The Balding Men

Best Hairstyles For Balding Men
Best Hairstyles For Balding Men

All of these things aside, stylish coiffures can still be demanded while strands of hair exist on the head. So, which options of balding hairstyles actually exist?

Never Comb Over

One hairstyle for balding men that should never be tried is the notorious comb-over. This happens to be a classic look that men of particular ages grow their hair longer on a single side and then comb it over the entire bald area all the way to the opposite side.

This particular strategy is a complete disaster and must be avoided, no matter what. Let’s assume this was common knowledge. What other hairstyles are good or disastrous for balding men?

Back Brush Can Backfire

One other common mistake would be combing all of the hair to the back. While you are covering up your bald areas, it is also showing your receding hairline, which looks really bad and draws attention.

Don’t Grow Your Back Hair Long

Another style faux pas would be growing hair long in the back because so much is lacking at the top. This would just unbalance the head, drawing more attention to how bald the scalp is.

Gel Doesn’t Gel

Young men who have thinning hair may feel the need to use a lot of gel; however, this is not advised. Gel tends to clump hair together, revealing the entire scalp.

Long Hairs Are No-No

On that same note, growing hair long with hopes of covering up the baldness actually makes hair separate, showing more of the scalp.

Natural Fluff Is Way To Go

Opt for natural-looking fluff when it comes to hair by making use of conditioners and mousses.

Layering Helps

Try to grow remaining hair several inches, layer it, and then brush it to the front to get rid of receding hairlines.

If you do not have a receding hairline, but your hair is thinning, try to keep the front of it long and then comb your hair to the back in order to cover bald spots.

Balding Doesn’t Stop

Best Hairstyles For Balding Men
Best Hairstyles For Balding Men

However, bald spots will still expand eventually.

The best hairstyle for balding men with shiny and bald domes would be to just shave it all off completely or get a close-to-bald trim.

A lot of people will be amazed by this and you will garner a lot of compliments. This shaved look is completely acceptable when it comes to hairstyles nowadays.

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