Best Cloth Steamer To Buy


Clothes make a big first impression especially on days when you are trying to crack a big nut. Whether it an interview or a date, the presentation of your clothes matter much more than the brand you wear. Unwrinkled, neat and clean clothes can do the trick. While there ways to get your clothes looking crisp, nothing comes close to owning a cloth steamer. 

Drycleaners and Laundromats take great care of your fabrics at an even greater cost. Being regular with either of these two turns out to be fiscally irresponsible. A cloth steamer, on the other hand, is a one-time investment and much easier to use than regular iron. To get your collars or jackets looking professionally done, a cloth steamer really helps. The way the mouth is designed on these helps one get into the most difficult of spots.

Cloth Steamer – Operation

Of the many varieties available in the market, the basic operating principle remains the same for all. Water is stored in a tank, using a heating element- copper or brass – it is heated to a particular temperature to produce steam. The temperature range is different for companies. High temperatures enable fast steam production and large tank capacities let steam be produced for longer durations, making steaming all your clothes a rather enjoyable task! These two factors – temperatures and tank capacity also determine the price for the cloth steamer.

Steaming your clothes not only reduces the wear and tear but also protects your garments against bacterial infestation. It also is the most economical way to keep your clothes looking young. Here is a list of our favorite cloth steamers; we hope this helps you in your quest to keeping your clothes looking dapper!

Best Cloth Steamer
Best Cloth Steamer

Best Overall Cloth Steamer – Pure Elite Garment Steamer

Priced at a catchy 69$, this heavy-duty steamer comes with a 1500 watts motor that takes the temperature up to 284 F. The 61oz tank capacity enables it to produce steam for up to 60 minutes at one go, with steam production starting as early as 45 seconds from the moment you first switch it on. The heating element on this is cast aluminum, giving this steamer a life of five years, five times that of any other competitor in the market.

Best Cloth Steamer To Buy
Best Cloth Steamer To Buy

Second Best Cloth Steamer -Rowenta DR8080 

This handheld, 1500 watts beauty costs 51$. As being handheld is their USP, Rowenta comes with a 6oz tank capacity that lets it produce steam for 10 minutes on one full tank. It works great with even tap water and makes for an ideal travel companion. Don’t let the small size fool you, this works great on heavy fabrics such as jackets and suits as well.

Budget Steamer – URPower Garment Steamer

This little one works on 110V with a 130 ml tank. One full tank gives steam for seven minutes straight. The nozzle type mouth on this allows for even distribution of steam on your clothes. Priced at 21$ we feel this to be the best budget-friendly cloth steamer that your money can buy. A must for all travelers. 

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