Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals


The beard is now a modern man’s accessory. It is now common to see a man with a full beard wearing a suit and tie. So if you are a young professional in the corporate world who is looking for the best beard style for you, you are in the right place.

Beard Styles You Can Never Go Wrong With

There are some versatile styles that you can rock in any industry you are in. Whether you are in the creative world of advertising or in the clean-cut Wall Street. Here are some go to beards for you.

Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals
Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals


A well-trimmed and neat looking stubble is a great style for men who don’t want to be too flashy. Make sure that your cheek and neckline are free from stray hair. Also, proper maintenance of stubble will make you look like you are a guy who has it all together.  On the other hand, if you fail you clean those areas daily, you will end up looking like a lazy over-worked mess. So be careful.

Short Beard

You might want to go to the next level from your stubble and upgrade to a short beard. This is a great style right now for men who wear a suit every day. It gives you that rugged but elegant look. Keep an eye for that irregular growth especially on the neck area. Make sure that you deal with them as soon as they start to show out. In addition, never forget to make those cheeks spotless and those sides well-trimmed for that neat look.

Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals
Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals

Full Beard

This is daring style for young professionals who want to go all out. Having a full beard is now widely accepted in all industries. There is a long list of awesome full beard variations out there and you are free to choose which one best suits for you. Additionally, another great thing about growing a full beard is that it shows that you are a patient person who knows how to maintain something in its best shape. That is if you can keep it well-trimmed and solid at all times.

Tips on Growing Your Beard in the Corporate World

Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals
Best Beard Styles For Young Professionals

Know The Rules- of course, you first need to know if your office will allow you to have thick facial hair. There are still companies who would like to see their employees clean-shaven. Additionally, the most excellent way to know is to look around and see if there are some bearded fellas in your workplace.

Timing is Everything- if you are new in growing one, the good time to do it is if you are away for a while. You could be on a holiday and get back at work with a good looking medium beard or any of the style you have chosen.

Maintain in Properly- we will never get tired to remind you that if you grow some facial hair, you need to keep it neat. It won’t be nice to be mistaken for a homeless man by the security when you get in at work.

Here’s more tips in growing a one in your workplace

Don’t Play With Your It- remember that it is your accessory and it needs to be in perfect shape at all times. So don’t keep on brushing it or twisting it with your hands. That is actually a very bad habit and is also quite off-putting.

Pair It With A Nice Haircut- There are a lot of great beard and hair combos out there. These style can absolutely turn you into an average Joe to a head-turner in your office.

You are on the right path in being one of the brave souls who rock some facial hair in the corporate world.

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