Best 1920s Mens Fashion To Follow -

Best 1920s Mens Fashion To Follow

1920s mens fashion

You don’t have to look much further than the 1920s mens fashion to find the golden period of men’s fashion. This decade already marked the beginning of a shift in fashion from conservative, traditional designs to a new age. Although there were few new clothes in the early 1920s, many of the stylish suits and gowns of the era were created later in the decade. 

Regardless, many of today’s most popular men’s fashion styles are based on that decade’s fashion. At that time, fashion was dominated by the same suit types, with no casual apparel to be found. Many novel suit types were introduced throughout the 1920s, and informal and sporting attire for men. The dress became less formal, and apparel offered greater variety and fashion-forward options.

Dress Shirts: 

Mens Fashion

The dress shirt was a cornerstone of men’s fashion in the 1920s. Because of their simplicity of laundering, tall, white detachable collars reigned supreme in the fashion world. The attached collars became the preferred standard in the mid-1920s. In comparison to the complex and uncomfortable character of detachable collars, attached collars were softer. Nucky Thompson from the TV program Boardwalk Empire is an excellent source of inspiration. Round edge clubs, spread, and pointed collars were famous during the period. However, you should be aware that the wide Windsor tie knot significantly impacts spread collars. Button-down shirts were given a weak point. Even with bent-over ends to allow for bow ties, wingtip collars were a regular sight.


Mens Fashion

In the 1920s, the type of hat you wore was primarily determined by your social position. Do you recall the old movies about page boys and manufacturing workers? The “page boy” type hats, also known as newsboy caps or flat caps, were worn by working-class males. You would have owned a fedora hat if you were firmly in the middle class. Those fedoras were holdovers from gangster trends, worn by working-class or middle-class men who had suddenly become wealthy while maintaining a style associated with their own social class.


Suits are another key to mastering the grace and beauty of 1920s mens fashion. Today’s men’s attire is a mix of sportswear and ill-fitting pants. You should move away from casual menswear and start taking pride in your suit fittings. Suits were a staple of men’s fashion throughout the 1920s. Changes in cut and material gave it a modern, jazz-age flair while retaining parts of the classic style of the past. From the 1940s zoot suit to tighter-fitting current versions, 1920s suits have inspired menswear ever since.

Wearing a vest is an essential part of the 1920s suit appearance. Vests aren’t as popular as they once were, but they were a necessary part of the Roaring 20s look. Vests streamline the center of the body and emphasize the fashionable high lapel.

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