8 Classic Hairstyles For The Modern Man

8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men

Men are now more particular with the hair cutting styles that they choose more than ever. And why not? Having a good hairstyle can enhance your looks dramatically. Some men even pair it with a well-trimmed beard to achieve a great rugged look.

If you are one of those men who have not really decided which will be your go-to haircut. Then, you will learn a lot from the list of the immortal haircuts that we have for you below.

Classic Fade

This style is also known as the “Modern Day Crew Cut”. This is perfect for men who are after a fresh and sharp look. The key to this haircut is to keep it short at the bottom and gradually increasing the length up to the top. If you have curly, thick, or wavy hair. This cut is for you.

Clipper Cut

When you are always on the go and is looking for hair cutting styles that will complement your lifestyle. It requires very minimal styling to maintain its clean and sharp look. This style is often finished with a strong neckline to give it a strong look. This is perfect for men curly, thick, wavy hair with texture.

8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men
8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men

Hi-Top Fade

An old-school style has made a comeback from the ’80s and is nowhere to stay. Usually, it is tight on the sides and long on the top. However, there is a long list of variations for this cut and you can customize it according to your liking. Men with wavy and curly hair can make this their staple haircut.

8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men
8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men

Longer Comb Over

If you think that the Boy-Next-Door looks best suits you, then you should go with this style especially if you have thin, straight hair. It is also a great cut to show off your healthy hair. Furthermore, this style is commonly combed to the side to have that firm look. You can mess it up a little bit or sweep it back to have a much more adventurous look.

Longer Layers

This is one of the hair cutting styles work great for both men with straight or wavy hair. It has neatly trimmed sides and back. And the top is then cut with a comb and scissor technique to remove some volume. To add, there are also countless styling options for this cut.

Taper Fade

Men who are looking for a no-fuss haircut cutting styles will find the Taper Fade perfect for them. The hair is gradually shortened up to the ears and neckline using a clipper. It will have a finished look if the hairline is lined up. This is the best cut for men with curly and textured hair.

Traditional Brush Up

You can never go wrong with hair cutting styles such as this especially if you are one of those blessed with wavy hair with good texture. It has clean lines and sharp neckline giving it a very solid look. Additionally, this style works well with any face shape.

8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men
8 Most Classic Hair Cutting Styles For Modern Men


If you are looking for a versatile haircut then this one is for you. This style will look good for work, for the gym, and even when you are out to party. Additionally, It is always cut high and tight with a clipper and some handiwork with some scissors on the top. And if you ever get bored with it you can always push it into a pompadour or even keep it perfectly tousled.

Final Thoughts

Always look out for the type of hair that best suits the cut that you choose to ensure that you can really pull it off. Also, invest in good quality hair care products to enhance the over-all look of your hair.

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