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7 Tips On How To Trim Your Big Beard Like A Pro

If you know how to trim your beard properly, it is going to look dazzling. That’s for sure. Men with beards who did not bother to learn this skill will end looking like a homeless man instead of looking dapper.

Your success in trimming your beard depends on the process that you use. There are certain steps that you need to follow to get the best results. We have provided for you below a trimming ritual that will make you get expert results.

7 Steps On How To Trim Your Beard Like An Expert
7 Steps On How To Trim Your Beard Like An Expert

Step 1: Give It a Good Wash

The first step on how to trim your beard like an expert is washing it. Never start to trim your beard without cleaning it first. This process eliminates all the dirt and unnecessary oils from it. Invest in a good beard shampoo and conditioner. You can easily shop for them online. The shampoo helps a lot in thoroughly cleaning the beard and the conditioner softens it.

Step 2: Dry It Well

Use a clean towel to remove all the water from the hair. And be gentle with it. Avoid scrubbing it around since it will tangle and damage some of the hair strands. Once that happens, the next step will be quite hard to do and sometimes even painful.

Step 3: Brush It

Use a high-quality brush to separate all the individual strands. This will make it easier for you to see inconsistencies that you need to deal with. Use a brisk stroke against the grain to make the hairs stand up and out.  Invest in a high-quality brush preferably ones with boar bristles. They get the job done pretty well. Having the right tools will complement your knowledge on how to trim your beard properly and ensure great results.

Step 4: Attack It With Clippers

A clipper is a perfect tool in trimming your beard into your desired length and shape. If you use it well, the cut will be even. It also makes your life easier and will make you get the job done quicker.

Step 5: Finish With Scissors

This is the time when you start to start the detailing job done. A fine pair of scissors can snip the last strands of hair that are out of place. It can also reach the areas that the clippers can’t like the sides of the beard. During this step, you can see the beard to take form the style that you want.

7 Steps On How To Trim Your Beard Like An Expert
7 Steps On How To Trim Your Beard Like An Expert

Step 6: Clean the Neckline with Razor

This is a crucial part of trimming your beard. You need to practice this step if you want to know how to trim your beard like an expert. Trimming your neckline can make or break the whole look. One mistake of trimming to the wrong place and you end up ruining the look. The best place to start trimming for neck beard is above your Adam’s apple. It would be best to have a good razor for this intricate job.

Step 7: Comb and Oil

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to give your beard some caressing. Apply oil of your preferred scent on the beard and comb it to make sure strand gets some. Wood is the material of choice for beard combs since they are gentle to the hair.

There you go. These are all the steps that you need to know on how to trim your bear like a pro. Follow these steps to the letter and your beard will look great every time. Now you don’t have any excuse to look like a homeless guy.

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