50s Men Fashion- Which Fashion Styles Were Popular In This Era

50s Mens Fashion

When it comes to 50s mens fashion, the shaggy jeans of teenagers and leather jacket of James Dean comes first in mind. The 1950s was the golden era when the whole world was recovering from World War II. Furthermore, this period came up with many inventions like the first credit card, the computer hard drive, and even ‘’rock n roll music.’’

When it comes to fashion, many military styles became popular among the youth generation. Above all, the wild attitude and personality of the teenagers were reflected through the dressing sense.

Hence, here we’re mentioning the trendy fashion styles of the 1950s.

Rebel Cool

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The combination of the denim jacket and plain white turtleneck t-shirt gave a tough competition to the Happy Days’ tan leather jackets. James Dean, the famous American actor of the 1950s era, wore turtleneck t-shirts and leather jackets in various fashion events. Furthermore, many renowned film directors and actors also followed the trend of biker leather jackets.

The ‘Rebel Cool’ fashion style was in vogue and represented both comfort and style with a wild attitude. The best part is ‘Rebel Cool’ fashion style was even appreciated in the corporate sector. Neal Cassidy and Jack Kerouac were the famous American novelists who dropped the outdated dressing code and started wearing dirty shaggy jeans and plaid shirts.

Surprisingly, Jackson Pollock, the famous American abstract painter, came up with this style and started wearing denim suits that American youngsters later adopted.

The Sack Suit- The Sharpest Formal Suit

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The sharp-looking suits were introduced back in the 1950s, and every businessman was fond of such suits. The sack suit was highly appreciated by the Rat Pack members. Furthermore, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatera wore the sharpest suits in numerous musical events. These suits are quite comfortable and larger than the standard suits.

The construction of this sack suit is regular, but the trousers have a straight-cut. The key features of this type of suit are soft-front construction and prevailing body cut. Nevertheless, the sack suit was only available in limited color options like navy blue, charcoal, and brown.

Round Shaped Loafers And Crimp Trousers

The folded trousers and loafers became quite popular in the 50s mens fashion era. Now, pleated trousers were introduced because the straight-cut and narrow trousers were not ideal for everyone. The crimp trousers were highly comfortable and suitable for people who prefer a leaner look.

Surprisingly, almost everyone uses to pair every type of trouser with loafers. These round-shaped loafers were known as moccasins. These loafers became popular when Norwegian fishermen were fond of flaunting this footwear with trousers. Later, this combination was highly appreciated by North Americans.

Final Thoughts

Now, you’ll be wondering why 1950 is known as the men’s fashion era? This was the time when everyone was dropping the outdated fashion styles and focusing more on comfort and the latest trends. The best part of this era was everyone used to be comfortable while showcasing their dressing sense to society.

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