5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

If you are new to shaving and want to know the best tricks, here you go. Here are the shaving mistakes that will prepare you before you shave the next time. These 5 wet shaving mistakes can be avoided easily when you know the right methods. Shaving will no more be a difficult task when you achieve excellence knowing the skills mentioned below. So, without delay, let us know about the 5 common wet shaving mistakes that you need to avoid as a beginner or professional. Give it a read and get ready for the action.

5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid
5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

Wet Shaving Mistakes: Neglecting Pre-Shaving Prep

You need to know that before shaving, you need to prepare your beard for it, and there are specific methods of the same. Neglecting the pre-shaving prep is the first mistake that you can easily avoid. If you mess it up in the beginning, you will definitely end up with an unsatisfactory result. That is why pre-shaving prep is a necessary step. Washing the facial hair with a body bath or pre-shave oil and keeping it wet for 5 minutes will prepare it for shaving by making it softer.

Not Applying Lather Before Shaving

This one is the second mistake to avoid when you want a fantastic shaving. When you shave without applying lather, you are prone to risks like nicks and cuts. When you have thick facial hair, shaving it becomes more difficult without applying the lather. Besides using lather, you also need to know how much of it you need.

Positioning The Blade At A Wrong Angle

This one is perhaps the most common mistake that the beginners make. When the angle of the blade is too steep, you can injure yourself. When it is too shallow, you cannot cut the beard properly. Hence, you need to position the blade at the right angle to get the best result. Though some experts suggest you to choose an angle between 35-45 degrees, we recommend 30 degrees.

5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

Wet Shaving Mistakes: Excessive Pressure With Multiple Passes

This one is a strict no as it ruins your skin and hair. Apart from causing injury, it will make your skin rough in the long run and will also cause dark patches on the skin. Over stroking and putting more pressure will never get you a smooth effect, and instead, it will cause a lot of troubles. Hence, you need to know how much pressure you need. Also, a one-stroke shave is always preferred by the experts.

Not Shaving With The Grain on The First Pass

It is a suggestion that most of the experts focus upon. When you are shaving, you always need to do it with the hair direction. To find it out, you can stroke the hair with your finger and see which has a smoother touch. When you shave in the opposite direction, you get a clean shaved look. Yet, the experts prefer shaving with the grain as it is healthier. It reduces the chances of skin irritation and razor burns.

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