5 Men’s Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style


There are just some guy hairstyles that separate the men from the boys. Though there has been a long list of new and trendy styles available, there are still those that seem to be immortal. These styles are the classic ones. The most versatile and dependable hairstyles of all time. If you wear and take care of them well. You will definitely increase your attractiveness up a few points.

The Duck Tail

This hairstyle got introduced during the ’80s and has ever since become the go-to hairstyle for a lot of men. Some also call it slick back, however it is different from the slick back that we know today. One of the most discerning traits of this hairstyle is the V shape in its back. Men who use this style prefer the top hair to have more length since it looks better. You need to have a good quality pomade to get best results when styling this hairstyle.

5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style
5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

Buzz Cut

If you are looking for one of those guy hairstyles that need minimal to no effort in maintenance at all, then here it is. The buzz cut is basically a very short hairstyle often cut using clippers. You may choose from different lengths, and it makes all the difference. Some men look better with very short, almost bald hair while others look best when it looks like a 1-week stubble. The best thing about this style is that it is very versatile that even Hollywood stars love it.


A style that has now evolved with a lot of combos and variations but still remains to be a classic. You may choose from a low to high undercut depending on the look that you want to achieve. The best thing about this style is that it gives you this rebel-like look which has a lot of appeal. If you go to modern day barbers, they will now offer you to put lines and fades on the shaved area. The top hair is usually styled into spikes or just with slight high and volume using a pomade.

5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style
5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

Crew Cut

This is one of the most iconic guy hairstyles fashioned by military men. It is well-liked because of the clean and proper look that it gives to men. Like the buzz cut, the possibilities for this cut is also endless. The trendiest versions of this style for 2019 is a crew cut with a medium slick back.

5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style
5 Guy Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

The Pompadour

Well, a list of classic guy hairstyles will never be complete without the Pompadour. This might be the most stylish look in this list. To achieve this style, you will need to grow your hair to medium length, get the sides clean and sweep the top hair up high over the forehead.

Final Thoughts

You can never go wrong with these styles. All of them fit both men with straight or wavy hair. The only challenge that you have is choosing one that best suits your face. Another thing that will give more appeal to these hairstyles is proper hair maintenance. So make sure you have the essential hair care products in your arsenal. Invest in a good shampoo, conditioner, comb and also some pomade for men.

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