5 Great-Looking Soccer Hairstyles You Can Try


Soccer hairstyles are pretty popular right now. I mean, trying to look like your favorite football star is not a sin. Those guys are literally role models not only for manliness but also for fashion. So, nobody can really blame you for putting some effort to borrow some style from David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here’s a list of popular footballers and the hairstyles that they are rocking for you to use as inspiration.

David Beckham’s Signature Slicked Back Hair

No one rocks the slicked back better than Beckham. At least in the football world. He definitely won’t have anything over Steven Seagall. David Beckham actually prefers a version that is a bit higher and has more volume. If you really want to have this look, you might consider to coloring your high to a lighter shade to really nail it.

5 Great-Looking Soccer Hairstyles You Can Try
5 Great-Looking Soccer Hairstyles You Can Try

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Signature Harpart Combo Over Fade

Look like a true modern day playboy by using any of the soccer hairstyles recently used by Ronaldo. This famous  athlete is actually known for having “on-point” hair at all times. To achieve his go to look, all you need to do is get a high skin fade and part it with a hard comb over. Never forget to use the best pomade that you can find since that will complete the look.

Yannick Carasco’s Signature Pompadour Fade

Nobody really thought that rocking a pompadour while playing professional football was possible. Not until Carasco came in the picture. The pompadour that he uses is the modern style that has a bald fade on the side. A bald sides gives a lot of emphasis to the top hair especially if you give it some height. You will never be successful with this style if you don’t use some good styling products so you better start investing on some starting now.

Mario Balotelli’s Signature Classic Long Mohawk

This style can give you an edgy and rebellious look which are words that best describe Mario. Make sure that you don’t get conservative on the sides and get them completely bald. Keeping the top hair at a height of 5 to 6 inches and using some great pomade or wax to keep it standing up is key to rock this iconic soccer hairstlye.

Lionel Messi’s Signature Textured Messy Hair

Of course we need to add the great Messi in this list. Partly because he is a soccer legend and also because of his great style. Among all the soccer hairstyles in this list, Messi’s simple but neat textured hair would be the easiest to rock. Make sure that yoou get a taper cut on the sides to complement the top hair. And just like the player, this cut is also very versatile. You can turn it into a quiff or comb over style very easily.

The Key Element

Even if you already have these hairstyles but you don’t know how to take care of your hair. Everything will just go to waste. Make taking care of your hair easier by investing in good hair care products like shampoos and conditioners for men. You should also have a dependable wax, oil, or pomade for your styling needs.

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