5 Cool Haircuts For Boys (2019 Edition)

5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019

Times have changed. Nowadays, the best haircut for boys can also easily be the best haircut for grown men. You can actually see it anywhere. Those little boys looking dapper with their miniature tuxedos matching fades and pompadours. And everybody thinks they are adorable. It’s all because they truly are.

So, if you have a young son and you want him to look fancy and stylish like those in Instagram. You have to start with the haircut. We have provided for you below the best of the best that you can choose from.

5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019
5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019

Undercut With Thick Comb Over

This is the best haircut for boys during the summer. It is a go to style if you think that a fade is not enough. If you keep the top hair long enough, you can make style into a dazzling comb over.

5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019
5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019

Long Pompadour Fade

You want you son to look extra stylish? Then ask the barber to give him a low fade and style his hair to a long pompadour. All he needs is a high fashion get up and he can start turning heads. This style is high maintenance though, so it should only for special occasions.

5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019
5 Best Haircut For Boys In 2019

Mohawk With Fade

The Mohawk of Faux Hawk gives a kid a cute bad boy look that everybody finds adorable. The trends right now is pairing it with a fade. Sometimes barbers or stylists even put lines which gives the top hair more emphasis.

Mid Skin Fade With Side Part

This is the best haircut for boys for parents who want their kid to have a clean stylish look. And besides, the modern side part is really popular right now even for adult men.

Messy Medium Length Hair

If your kid has a wavy hair then this is the best haircut for boys that you should try. Messy is actually in trend right now so long as you keep it “styled”. Don’t mistake the wavy style for not caring about your kid’s hair at all. It should be well trimmed and controlled to have the best look.

Boys Hair Care

Regardless of what haircut your kid has, if you don’t take care of their hair properly, it still won’t look as good. So first you need to have a go to stylist or barber that would give your kid a haircut every time he needs it. Having one stylist makes everything easier since the boy will be comfortable with him. And also invest with a good pair of safe clippers and scissors for those tiny trimming jobs that you can do on your own.

Another essential thing that you need to have is an arsenal of hair care product for boys. Using the regular products for men might not be safe enough. Shampoos and conditioners specially made for young boys are safer. These products are also designed for their hair needs so you get more benefits. Also buy a good pomade that will be essential in the best haircut for boys that you got for your son.

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