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5 Awesome Beard Styles For Beginners

men with beards are pretty common nowadays. Having a beard, even the outrageous beard styles is now embraced even in the corporate world. So, if you want to get in the beard game, then this is time to start.

One thing that you need to know about growing a beard is that it takes some patience. You need to wait for some time to make it grow to a length where you can start shaping it. And you also need to take care of it.  There are some beard styles that needs constant trimming just to it would maintain it’s look.

If all that is good for you. Then it’s time to start choosing the style that you should wear. We have a list here of the beard styles that are perfect for beginners.

5 Awesome Beard Styles For Beginners

The Circle Beard

In simple terms, this beard style is when your goatee and your mustache meets forming a circle around your mouth.  To achieve this look, you need to grow your goatee and your mustache for several weeks. Once you see that the two have completely joined together, you can then start trimming. Trim around it cleaning the sides until you have the right shape. You can grow this beard as long as you want, but it looks best at medium height.

5 Awesome Beard Styles For Beginners

Short Boxed Beard

Men with square faces will look great with this beard style. This style is basically a full beard with sides that are thin and neatly trimmed. A lot of men who make their go-to style prefer to wear it short. You need to pay attention to the sides and keep on trimming them as soon as they start to grow out of the lines.

5 Awesome Beard Styles For Beginners

Chin Strap Beard

If you want to grow a beard but is looking for a somewhat minimal style, then the Chin Strap is for you. This is among those beard styles has no mustache at all. All you need is a strap of hair on your chin. This style looks its best when it connects to the side burns and they are both trimmed at the same width. So, this also makes it perfect for guys who can’t seem to grow a proper mustache. Maintaining this beard is also very easy. All you need to make sure that the sides and your mustache is clean shaven at all times.

 Horse Shoe Mustache

For men who want to have a beard that can attract attention but does not want to put in too much effort, then go with this. This beard style is a long bar of mustache that points downward   and extends to the chin. It resembles horseshoe. And to maintain this look, all  you need to remember is that no hair show grown inside the horseshoe.

5 Awesome Beard Styles For Beginners

Original Stache

One of the most iconic beard styles, the original stache is simple yet very stylish. Men who rock this style love it for its versatility. It will work well with any fashion style you have. You need to put in some effort in making sure that this beard looks solid always. Using some products like waxes and balms can also help them shine. A healthy mustache is a great accent to any man’s face, especially the ones with oval face shapes.

Start Now

Pick one of those beard styles and start growing out your facial hair. Be sure to build a plan before you start the trimming and shaping process. It decreases the chances of making a mistake. And you should also do some research on the best beard products in the market as soon as now. It would be nice to have a nice arsenal of products to take care of your beard.

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