4 Best Haircuts For Men with Thick Hair


If you are a guy with thick hair who is looking for the best haircut that will fit you perfectly, then you are actually in for quite a challenge. The truth is, there are not many styles available out there before. It seems that all of the great looking styles are only made for those with straight hair.

Things have changed. Stylists have now recognized the need for new and fashionable styles for men with thick hair. We have listed for you the best options you have below.

Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair
Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair

Wavy Side Swept

With this style, you need to grow your hair out long enough that its ends will reach your ear when it’s swept to the side. The side sweep style gives it this dramatic classy look.

Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair
Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair

Blown Quiff

The quiff style is without the doubt the best haircut for men who want to look stylish. When done right, the hair will flow in a smooth motion that is definitely eye-catching.

Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair
Top 4 Best Haircut For Men with Thick Hair

Thick Top

Grow your hair to a medium length and get the sides clipped clean. You should also ask the stylist to make some professional snips on the top of the hair to have a better shape. The fade and the top creates a contrast that is just mind-blowing to look at.

Short Swept Back

The swept back is the best haircut for men with thick hair who wants to have an elegant look. You need to remember that this style works well if the hair is just short enough to be properly swept back. This style is best accentuated with a high-quality pomade to give it a neat shine.

How To Take Care of Thick Hair

Once you have already chosen the style that you think will fit you best, the next thing to know is how to take care of it. Thick hair needs some attention to keep it healthy and looking great at all times.

You need to make sure that you visit your barber or your stylist regularly for a trim. This type of hair can lose its shape and style very easily if not maintained well. Washing thick hair often is also a must. Because of the sheer number of its strands, it can trap a considerable amount of sweat, dust, and dirt very easily.

Hair Care Products for Thick Hair.

Investing in good products is necessary to keep your best haircut for men looking great at all times.

Shampoo- choose one that has a high cleansing formula since thick hair gets pretty dirty especially if you have an active lifestyle.

Conditioner- this is to keep your hair soft and easy to style. If you are living in sunny parts of the country, you can also go with one that has UV sunscreen for the hair.

Pomade- this product is useful if you have a hairstyle that requires some texture or some height. It makes the styling quite easy and it also gives the hair a good shine.

Comb- choose a wooden comb with largely rounded bristles to avoid hair damaged.

Wax- also works great for styling. It is a lot thicker compared to pomade so it is perfect if your hair is extra hard to tame.

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