12 Cool Hairstyle For Men


One of the essential ingredients of men’s fashion style is their Hairstyle. For ages, the hairstyles of men indicate their Style, class, wealth, and to some extent, their personality.

The modern world of fashion and lifestyle strive on intricate details, and when it comes to hairstyles, things remain the same. While many people want their Hairstyle to be classy, there are also a huge bunch of individuals who wish to show their funky youth style through their hair. Irrespective of the designs, hairstylist nowadays put more importance on intricate details to make a man’s hair look attractive.

Following are the 12 Cool Hairstyles for men which one can have a try.

12 Cool Hairstyle For Men
12 Cool Hairstyle For Men

Thick Texture + Taper Fade + Shaved Line

This type of Hairstyle is ideal for those Men who have thick hair. This cut has a lot of texture and a taper fade around both sides, which gives a cool look to men. A shaved line in both the sides is what makes this Hairstyle as a style statement.

Volume on Top + Short Sides and Back

This style is quite popular among men these days. With a long top and short sides and back, it gives the most swagger look to men. What’s more interesting fact is that this Hairstyle works for every hair type.  Short sides go perfectly with a well trimmed and groomed beard.

Textured Style + Rounded Neckline

This Hairstyle looks like a crown of natural hair flow and is very easy to cut. The messy texture and a rounded neckline make it a great look.

Slick Back + Natural Flow

The Slick Back and Natural flow style is new to the market and got its inspiration from the Mad Men. The natural finish of this classy haircut gives it a classy look.

Side Part Hairstyle

The Side Part Hairstyle is the classiest form of style and is famous through ages and ages. This type of hairstyle works out best preppy style and hipster look.

Textured Pomp + Line Up + High Fade

This is yet another evolving hairstyle which is getting popular throughout the world. The modern makeover with texture at the top and high fade at sides adds up the glamour quotient to this highly unexpected hairstyle.

12 Cool Hairstyle For Men
12 Cool Hairstyle For Men

Textured Spikes + Platinum Hair Color

This type of style is all about the stylish cuts. With the platinum hair color bringing out the texture, this hairstyle is the best cut for thin hair. The platinum color makes the hairstyle look more prominent.

Short Haircut + High Fade

This type of style is ideal for the ones with short hair and for the once who keep low maintenance for their grooming of hair. The higher tape fade looks like a modern cool man.

Medium Length Curls + Line Up + Burst Fade

This type of style is ideal for Men who have curly hair with natural texture. This fresh style is, however, best suited with medium hair while a short trimmed beard gives the best complementary looks.

Dry Slick Back + High Fade + V-Cut

The coolest hairstyle of the year will be the V cut with high fade.

High and Tight + Hair Design

Best for short hairs, the high and tight hair design is ideal for short and curly hair and has a unique finish with medium to high fade.

Wavy Slick Back + Neck Taper

The main characteristics of this style are the wavy and messy texture on the top along with a blur fade as ones go down the neckline.

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