10 Stylish Hair And Beard Combos


A great haircut with beard combination is now a trend in men’s styling. It is a style now commonly used by models and celebrities alike to look more attractive. Even ordinary men like us can make use of it too to enhance our looks.

There are hundreds of combinations out there that you can try. You can pick and choose to find one that you think will best suit you. Use a style that does not only fit your face or hair type but your personality and lifestyle as well. The sky is the limit for you.

Here are 10 of the greatest styles used by a lot of men around the world.

10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men
10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men

Long Textured Hair + Short Full Beard

Allow your hair to grow longer until your neck and get it styled to have more texture. It also works best if you have naturally light colored hair. Make sure that your beard is well trimmed at all times to achieve a look that is both rugged and clean at the same time.

Short Sides + Long Comb Over + Long Full Beard

With this haircut with beard style, the only difficult part would be growing the beard. Give it a couple of months for it to grow in the right length then evenly trim it on the sides.  Do that comb over a little from the middle to the side of your head and let the ends hand on the side of your face.

10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men
10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men

Razor Under Cut + Slicked Back Hair + Full Beard

Get a deep undercut 3-4 inches above your ears and maintain the volume of the top hair thick enough for a proper slicked-back style. You can leave some of the sideburn connected to the beard.  Make sure that your mustache reaches the same thickness as the beard to get the best look.

Crew Cut + Medium Beard

Get a classic look with this haircut with beard style. This style looks best when the hair is as thick as the beard. Also, make sure that the sides and your cheeks are free from hair.

Long Hair Ponytail + Full Beard

You need to grow a shoulder length hair and a medium full beard to rock this style. Keep the ponytail loose to give it volume. There is no need for meticulous trimming on the full beard just make sure that that the cheek and neck area are clean.

10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men
10 Coolest Haircut With Beard Styles For Men

Short Messy Hair + Tapered Sides + Thick Stubble

A stylish haircut with beard combo that does not need too much maintenance. However, to maximize this look, you need to maintain the length of the hair. The beard also needs constant shaving to prevent it from growing into a full blow full beard.

Fade Hair Cut + Beard

The fade is a pretty popular hair cut right now and it works perfectly for men with a full beard. The top hair should be short to help emphasize the fade. This style also looks better if you grow a wide full beard.

Final Thoughts

If you are not sure where to start in trying to achieve these styles, the best thing to do is to go to a stylist. A good hairstylist for men knows which style will fit your perfectly and they can cut your hair for you. What’s left for you to do is to take care of your hair and beard to keep them healthy.

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